The RZ/G2 microprocessor comes with a wide range of CPU scalability and pin compatibility, which makes it easy to expand your product portfolio. This also enables customers to get to market faster by leveraging partner boards.

By Takeshi Maeda, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-05

RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board and Wi-Fi-Pmod-Expansion-Board got AWS device qualification of FreeRTOS. 16-bit MCU "RL78/G14" with FreeRTOS will realize the connection to AWS and make IoT end point devices connect the cloud safely and easily.

By Yasuto Mochizuki, Principal Specialist -- 2021-05

Bernd describes how easy it is to find the right MCU from the wide Renesas line-up using the new MCU Guide app on your smartphone.

By Bernd Westhoff, Senior Manager, MCU Marketing -- 2021-05

Installing our partner GUI development tools to a user's project to automatically enable GUI creation using PowerPoint to be ported into the embedded system.

By Naoyuki Tsubaki, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-05

The evolution of Renesas proprietary RX CPU core architecture and compiler has surpassed others processor and achieved extreme high benchmark score.

By Sugako Otani, RX CPU Chief Architect -- 2021-04

Jeff walks us through benefits of a point-of-use clock for jitter optimization.

By Jeffry Keip, Senior Staff Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-04

Baltazar discusses the benefits of Renesas’ portable battery power tool solution.

By Baltazar Mercado, Senior Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-04

RX MCU with Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) and IAR Systems/Secure Thingz solutions help enable secure IoT devices and facilitate and accelerate device development to meet security requirements

By Tatsutoshi Shinjo, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-04

Staff Engineer Sho Hataki, who is involved in RL78/G23 product planning and sales strategy, introduces the newly released RL78/G23 which is a microcontroller (MCU) equipped with peripheral functions that are optimal for the trends in IoT Edge devices.

By Sho Hataki, Staff Engineer -- 2021-04

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the Renesas RL78 Family of 16-bit microcontrollers, and the long-awaited new RL78/G23 unveils during this memorable year. Toshihiko Seki, Senior Director of the RL78 Family Division introduces the RL78/G23, together with the past journey and future direction of RL78 Family.

By Toshihiko Seki, Senior Director -- 2021-04