Renesas offers the RH850/D1M microcontroller (MCU) and  RAA27884x VSP LCD controller to generate 2D instrument cluster graphics that can be displayed on a variety of LCD panels with different resolutions. The reference design allows users to generate the cluster graphics in a single resolution and scale it with the RAA27884x's scaling engine to fit different LCD panels, thus minimizing the software and graphics design work for re-use in different car models.

System Benefits

  • Less software work to support multiple display resolutions with a single design
  • This system can also be applied to HVAC displays
  • Generate cluster graphics in one resolution with the RH850 MCU, then easily scale to different resolutions using the RAA278840 LCD controller
  • Primary cluster graphics made for an 8-inch LCD panel at 1280x480 resolution
  • Uses the RAA278840 LCD controller to upscale the graphics to 1920x720 to support an upgrade option to a 12.3-inch panel for premium trim vehicle models
  • Utilizes the RAA278840 LCD controller for "fast-boot" to display tell-tale lamps at ignition (<500ms to display OSD through the RAA278840), allowing the MCU software time to boot up properly
  • Optimized power management ICs for the camera and ECU

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