Renesas’ RX13T Group, RX23T Group, RL78/G1F Group and the RL78/G14 Group are ideal for system control MCU. Also, the RL78/L1x Series of MCUs contain devices suitable for use as heating control and display operation. For example, the RX130 Group (48-100 pins) chips are ideal solutions for touch-key MCUs. Our broad product portfolio enables our customers to design IH control systems with better performance, less power, and lower cost.
In addition, to address the trend toward stricter restrictions on harmonic components in the input current of electrical products, Renesas Electronics has a lineup of PFC power supply IC products (power-factor correction ICs) that are effective in suppressing electrical noise.

IH Cooking Heater (High-End)

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products
Block Semiconductor Device Recommended Products Features
Control MCU MCU RX13T Group
RX23T Group
RL78/G1F Group
RL78/G14 Group
32-bit MCU including on-chip FPU, single motor control applications, reduce board area and BOM costs
32-bit MCU including on-chip FPU enables to easily program complex inverter control algorithms
Multifunctional microcontrollers with enhanced functionality suitable for sensor-less BLDC motor control
Three-phase complementary PWM output, Rich line-up
HMI MCU MCU RL78/L1x Series 16-bit MCU, Segment LCD controller/driver
RX130 Group Enhanced Capacitive Touch key function, 5V operation
PFC Power Supply PFC IC R2A20114B
Continuous conduction mode interleaving
Critical conduction mode interleaving
Sensor CMOS Op-amp READ2303G
Full range input/output, high slew rate
Low power consumption, high slew rate
IGBT Gate Driver Photocoupler
(IGBT drive)


High isolation voltage (5kVr.m.s.), 2.5A output
High CMR (CMR.≧50kV/ µs), Optimal for IPM drive
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Name Part No.
R2A20112A evaluation board * -
R2A20114B evaluation board * -

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