The ISL9122AIRN-EVZ platform allows quick evaluation of the high-performance features of the ISL9122A ultra-low IQ buck-boost regulator in the QFN package. The ISL9122A is a highly integrated non-inverting buck-boost switching regulator that accepts input voltages both above or below the regulated output voltage. This regulator automatically transitions between buck and boost modes without significant output disturbance. And, it features an extremely low quiescent current consumption, excellent efficiency, and an I2C interface, which allows the user to access its internal registers for output voltage and operation mode control.


  • Small, compact design
  • I2C interface for programmable VOUT, slew rate and various operation modes (forced bypass, auto-PFM, forced PWM)
  • Connectors, test points and jumpers for easy probing


  • Smart watches and wristband devices
  • Wireless earphones
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Water, gas and oil meters
  • Portable medical devices


Title language Type Format File Size Date
ISL9122A Datasheet Datasheet PDF 880 KB
star ISL9122AIIN-EVZ, ISL9122AIRN-EVZ User Guide Manual - Hardware PDF 1.31 MB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
ISL9122 Evaluation Software Setup Software & Tools - Evaluation Software EXE 440 KB
ISL9122AIRN-EVZ Design Files PCB Design Files ZIP 3.29 MB