The ISL28133EVAL1Z evaluation board is configured as a precision high-gain (G = 10,000) differential amplifier and demonstrates the level of performance possible with this type of amplifier while operating from battery voltages as low as 2.4V.

The ISL28133 chopper stabilized rail-to-rail op amp features a low 8µV maximum VOS over-temperature and a 0.1Hz 1/f noise corner frequency enabling very high gain single-stage DC amplifiers that can operate from single cell batteries while consuming only 20µA of current.


  • Operates from a single supply, +2.4VDC to +5.5VDC or from split supplies, ±1.2VDC to ±2.75V
  • Configured for a single op amp connected for single-ended or differential input with closed loop gain of 10,000
  • Single external reference voltage (VREF) pin and provisions for a user-selectable voltage divider-filter included


  • Bidirectional current sense
  • Temperature measurement
  • Medical equipment
  • Electronic weigh scales


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ISL28133 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 6.09 MB
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