Get a Kit

1. Get a Kit

In order to start evaluating the Synergy Platform you will need one of the following Synergy Kits:

·         Target Board Kit (TB)

·         Starter Kit (SK)

·         Development Kit (DK)

·         Application Example Kit (AE)

·         Product Example Kit (PE)


The Synergy Kits feature a number of components that make it easy to utilize the peripherals of the Synergy MCUs and to connect a variety of sensors, actuators, etc. so you can prototype your end-applications faster. The Target Board Kits, Starter Kits and Development Kits come with an on-board debugging and programming interface that lets you download program the code into the MCU and debug your projects.

Selecting a Synergy Kit

The table below provides a quick comparison among the different Synergy Kits so you pick the best kit for your use case. More information about the Synergy Kits can be found here.

Type of kit

Typical attributes

Typical use cases

Target Board Kit (TB)

Low-cost kit with MCU and headers that allows access to all MCU pins.

Evaluating features of a specific MCU group.

Starter Kit (SK)

Affordable kit with flagship S7G2 MCU of the Synergy Platform. Kit features a graphic LCD screen and high-speed serial connectivity.

Getting started with evaluating the full functionality of Synergy Software Platform.

Development Kit (DK)

Full function kits for each Synergy MCU series.

Developing your application using Synergy Platform.

Application Example Kit (AE)

End-application solution showcase kit, incorporating Synergy hardware and software elements.

Demonstrating a type of core technology.

Product Example Kit (PE)

Application specific kits that resemble an end-product.

Building an end-product.


Our recommendation to the new users

If you are new to the Synergy Platform, we highly recommend the SK-S7G2 Starter Kit. This kit has been designed to enable evaluation of most of the functionality provided in the Synergy Software Package (SSP) and it includes a color TFT LCD for experimenting with the GUI capabilities of the Synergy Platform, as well as Ethernet and USB ports and a host of other capabilities. You can learn more about the Synergy Starter Kit SK-S7G2 here.

Ordering the Synergy Starter Kit SK-S7G2

You can order the Synergy Starter Kit SK-S7G2 in your region from the following distribution partners:


Ordering part number: YSSKS7G2E30


Global: Digi-Key, Mouser, Renesas eStore

Americas: Arrow, Avnet, Future

Japan: Marutsu, Chip One Stop

Southeast Asia/Oceania: RS Components

Now what?

While your kit is on its way, please refer to step 2 to download and install the Synergy Software Package and the development tools of your choice. 

2. Download