Renesas offers a rich product lineup focused on the step-down type switching power supplies with built-in FET from small current applications to large current applications, depending on the supplied current.

Step-down (Buck) Switching Regulator Products Map

mini-POL RAA20770X series




Adopt Wafer-level chip-size package


  • Removal of bonding wire: Parasitic resistance and package space(x-y-z) are significantly reduced.
  • Reduces the size of package by about 75 % compared to the conventional 6 x 6mm QFN.
  • Thermal resistance:Package surface to junction is very small (about 1 deg C/W). Therefore it can support very high heat dissipation and reduce the need for heatsink and/or air-flow.




Constant on-time control for PWM


  • At light load, the switching frequency is slowed down for power loss reduction.
  • Smoothly change the switching frequency according to load current.
  • Fast transient response, and minimize external components.
  • Through light load to heavy load, realize top-level high efficiency.
    (RAA207701GBM / Input: 12 V / Output: 3.3 V: 89%@10 mA, 95%@4 A, 92%@10 A)




Many functions for protection and easy design


  • Built-in over current protection, over voltage protection, and thermal shutdown.
  • Only a few external components, safe and easy design.
  • Switching frequency and output voltage are adjustable by external components.


News Release:The RAA20770X Series Fast-Response Point of Load Converter ICs with Ultra-Miniature Packaging


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