Renesas' power factor correction (PFC) controller family uses boost topology and are suitable for AC/DC power systems, up to 2kW and over the universal line input. These PFC controller IC's operate in continuous conduction mode (CCM), and the small external components result in a low cost design without sacrificing performance.

Use the following table to identify which Renesas PFC controller will best meet the needs of your next project:

Device Characteristics ISL6730A ISL6730B ISL6730C ISL6730D ISL6731A ISL6731B
VDD Range 12~20 12~20 12~20 12~20 12~20 12~20
SW Frequency 124kHz 62kHz 124kHz 62kHz 124kHz 62kHz
Skip Mode Fixed No Fixed No Yes - Programmable Yes - Programmable
Package MSOP-10 SOIC-14
Reference Designs 85W 300W 85W 300W 300W
Reference Design PCB
L×W×H mm3
124×80×38 124×80×37 124×80×38 124×80×37 124×80×37 (300W)
121×96×38 (750W)
124×80×37 (300W)
121×96×38 (750W)
Vout 390 Vdc
Vline(rms) 90~264 Vac

Family Values

  • Uses Proprietary Negative Capacitance Technology
  • Best Light Load Performance (Power Factor, THD, Efficiency)
  • Frequency Jittering (Lower EMI)
  • Intelligent Skip Mode
  • Extensive Protection


  • Desktop Computer AC/DC Adaptor
  • Laptop Computer AC/DC Adaptor
  • TV AC/DC Power Supply
  • AC/DC Brick Converters

PFC Controller Reference Designs

TitleTypeLast Updated DateSize
ISL6730AEVAL1Z, ISL6730CEVAL1Z User Guide
ISL6730AEVZ and ISL6730CEVZ: Boost CCM PFC for 90W Universal Input Adaptors
PDF 14 Jul 2018 745 KB
ISL6730BEVAL1Z, ISL6730DEVAL1Z1876 User Guide
ISL6730BEVAL1Z and ISL6730DEVAL1Z: Boost CCM PFC for 300W Universal Input Adaptors
PDF 14 Jul 2018 562 KB
ISL6731AEVAL2Z User Guide
ISL6731AEVAL2Z and ISL6731BEVAL2Z: High Performance Boost CCM PFC Front End for Server Power Applications
PDF 14 Nov 2014 611 KB
ISL6731xEVAL1Z User Guide
ISL6731AEVAL1Z and ISL6731BEVAL1Z: Boost CCM PFC for 300W Universal Input Adaptors
PDF 14 Nov 2014 481 KB