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The TSI107 Host Bridge for PowerPC provides system interconnect between PowerPC processors, PCI peripherals, and local memory. The TSI107 provides many of the other necessities for embedded applications, including a high-performance memory controller and dual processor support; two-channel flexible DMA controller, an interrupt controller, an I2O-ready message unit, an inter-integrated circuit controller (I2C), and low-skew clock drivers.


  • Processor interface supports the PowerPC 603e/7xx and MPC74xx processors
  • Processor bus frequency supports up to 133 MHz
  • Memory interface supports a 64-bit data bus up to 133 MHz
  • PCI interface support a 32-bit/66 MHz bus
  • PCI arbiter supports up to five other PCI devices
  • Embedded Programmable Interrupt Controller (EPIC)
  • Two-channel integrated DMA Controller
  • I2C Controller
  • IEEE 1149.1 compliant, JTAG boundary-scan interface
  • Available in commercial temperature range (0°C to 105°C junction temperature)

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Obsolete FCBGA 503 J No Tray
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Obsolete FCBGA 503 L No Tray

Documentation & Downloads

Title language Type Format File Size Date
User Guides & Manuals
Tsi107 Hardware Manual Manual PDF 474 KB
Tsi107 User Manual Manual PDF 3.01 MB
Application Notes & White Papers
Using ECC Memory Configuration and Error Injection and Detection with the Tsi107 Application Note PDF 329 KB
Designing a Tsi107 Local Bus Slave Interface Application Note PDF 267 KB
Tsi107 Revision 1.3-1.4 Device Differences Application Note PDF 152 KB
Initializing Blank Flash Devices on Embedded Platforms Application Note PDF 161 KB
PDN# : CQ-14-06R1 Revised Product Discontinuance Notice Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 407 KB
PDN# : CQ-14-06 MANUFACTURING DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 192 KB
Tsi107 IBIS Model Model - IBIS ZIP 70 KB
Tsi107 BSDL File Model - BSDL TXT 72 KB
Tsi107 Device Errata Device Errata PDF 140 KB
Tsi106/Tsi107 Device Differences Misc PDF 274 KB
Tsi107 Schematic Symbol Misc PDF 185 KB
Tsi107 Design Guide Misc PDF 299 KB
Tsi107 Host Bridge for PowerPC Product Brief PDF 88 KB
Tsi107 Pinlist Misc TXT 7 KB