Wireless Charging System Receiver IC for Low Power Applications

Wireless charging solution is suitable for the wearable market which are required small size and high efficiency for long life battery. A wireless charging system consists of power receiving and charge/discharge system and power transmitter system. The feature of power receiving and charge/discharge system IC RAA457100 is integrated all functions needed for a wireless chargeing, rectification, charging control for small Lithium-Ion battery and top level of power-efficiency DC-DC converter in a singl chip as 3.22mm x 2.77mm small package. The features of power transmitter IC RAA458100 is integrated functions such as gate driver and power transmitter control circuit.

Product Status: Mass Production


RAA457100 is a receiver IC for low power wireless charging system. RAA457100 performs battery charging by wireless transmission power and DC power supply to receiver application system from battery. When RAA458100 is used in a transmitter, a wireless charging system with bi-directional communication can be constructed.


    • Wireless battery charging
    • DC power supply to application system by high efficiency DCDC converter
    • Monitoring some pin voltages such as rectified output voltage, battery voltage by 12bit A/D converter
    • Modulation/Demodulation function for bi-directional communication between transmitter and receiver
    • Transmitter system(RAA458100) can read and write RAA457100 registers for setting charge control parameters
    • Function which converts wireless communication to 2-wrie serial communication
      for communication between transmitter and receiver application system
    • Battery protection, Low battery voltage detection


 Block Diagram


Basic Information
Part Name
Production Status
Mass Production
Wireless charging system Receiver IC for low power applications
Tj-opr (°C)
-20 to +70
Package Type

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