Digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) is a dedicated lighting control protocol for intelligent lighting systems that is widely used in commercial lighting control and building lighting control. DALI-2 lighting control enables network-based lighting control for building automation applications that are designed for compliance to IEC 62386 Version 2 (DALI-2) when used with suitable hardware. The DALI-2 standard improves on the ability to control brightness, glare, color rendering, and presence detection, and adds multi-vendor interoperability to the DALI standard IEC 62386.

System Benefits​:

  • The RL78/I1A is a one-chip solution for DALI/DMX512 and PWM dimming controls
  • Voice module supports multi-national offline voice control
  • Supports Time of Flight (ToF) distance detection
  • Includes an OB1203 fully integrated optical sensing module to support RGB sensor function and biosense
  • High-performance AC/DC and DC/DC for lighting



  • Commercial lighting
  • DALI-2 systems
  • Building automation
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Winning Combinations

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