In the RE family, Arm®CMSIS-compliant API driver software and Renesas driver software are provided. By using the driver software, each peripheral function can be controlled easily.

Release Information

Latest Ver.: V1.10

Released: Mar. 31, 2020

Details of upgrade (See Application Note)


RE01 group 1.5MB

  • CMSIS-DSP (Provided by Arm®)
    • I2C
    • SPI
    • USART
  • Renesas HAL Driver
    • ADC
    • LPM
    • System
    • TSIP
    • 2D-Graphic
    • DMAC/DTC
    • Pin
    • Flash API
    • MIP-LCD
    • USB


How to download the drivers and sample code

1. Driver Package

All drivers can be used by downloading the driver package “RE01 1500KB Group Driver Package”. Please make sure you are using the latest version.

Version Release Date Application Note Title Download
Rev.1.10 Mar. 31, 20 RE01 1500KB Group CMSIS Driver Package Rev.1.10


Version Release Date Application Note Title Download
Rev.1.01 Dec. 20, 19 RE01 1500KB Group CMSIS Driver Package Rev.1.01


Rev.1.00 (Note1) Oct. 31, 19 RE01 1500KB Group CMSIS Driver Package Rev.1.00



  1. Notes of operation >>

2. Sample Code

Sample code corresponding to the RE01 CMSIS driver package can be downloaded below. These sample codes explain how to use each driver using the CMSIS driver package.

Category Driver Sample Code Download
Power Management R_EHC Maintenance free power management by RE energy harvesting controller
Communication I2C bus R_I2C I2C Single-Master Communication Sample Code
SPI bus R_SPI SPI Master/Slave Communication Sample Code
Start-Stop Synchronous Communication R_USART USART Asynchronous Communication Sample Code
Clock Synchronous Communication USART Clock-Synchronous Communication Sample Code
Analog A/D R_ADC S14AD Scan Conversion Sample Code
S14AD Scan Conversion and DTC Transfer Sample Code
Data transfer R_DMAC DMAC Repeat Transfer Sample Code
R_DTC DTC Normal Transfer Sample Code
DTC Block Transfer Sample Code
DTC Chain Transfer Sample Code
Firmware Update R_USB_PMSC_MINI,
Firmware Update Sample Code via USB Memory (PMSC)
Low power consumption R_LPM Transition and Examples to Reduce Power Consumption
Low Power Mode Transition Example
2D Graphics R_GDT, R_SMIP R_GDT Driver Sample Code
R_GDT Driver Color LCD Sample Code
LCD controller R_SMIP R_GDT Driver Sample Code
R_GDT Driver Color LCD Sample Code
R_SMIP, R_EHC GDT and SMIP Sample Code with EHC
R_PMIP MLCD Transfer Sample Code
Signal Processing CMSIS-DSP Library Example of DSP Library IIR Usage (Polling)
Example of DSP Library FIR Usage (Polling)
Example of DSP Library FFT Usage (Polling)
Others (implementation example) - LED Blinker Sample Code
- USART Communication Sample Code
- AGT Output and Underflow Interrupt Sample Code
- Temperature Monitoring Display Demo using External Temperature Sensor and Serial MIP
Security R_TSIP, R_Flash RE family Secure firmware update sample program using TSIP driver Contact *1

*1. Please contact your local Renesas Electronics sales office or distributor. Trusted Secure IP Driver >>

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