Intelligent Manufacturing Machines with AI

Factory AI Unit Solution


Built-in series of processes from collection to determination and control

Watch the experimental demonstration to learn how to develop the processing software for creating intelligence and managing its key functions.

Embed and take advantage of the learned neural network in a single day

You can utilize open source Caffe and TensorFlow™ software for AI learning. There is no programming required, and AI can be easily incorporated into Renesas' MCU.

AI unit reference design with software

By providing not only software, but also a reference design, it is easy to quickly develop an AI unit.


This demonstration shows an AI unit solution connected to actual equipment, and an abnormality judgment is made.

The AI unit has multiple inputs and outputs, and it can function to facilitate processing (preprocessing) of data for AI judgments, such as sensing using multiple sensors and waveform cutting by trigger signal. The AI unit solution provides a reference design for developing add-on units with various functions that allow for the development of intelligent systems which may be paired with existing manufacturing machines.