3 to 10 Series Li-ion Battery Manager

Product Status: Mass Production


RAJ240090/RAJ240100 are Renesas Li-ion battery fuel gaugeIC(FGIC)which consistof a MCU device and an AFE
device in a single package.Pack with a variety of battery managementfeatures and Renesas RL78 CPU core which has
multiple low power modes andcapable of achievinghigh performance in ultra-low power operation. RAJ240090/
RAJ240100 fuel gaugeIC havecontrol firmware stored in embedded flashmemory to controlattached embedded analog
and digital circuits to execute battery voltage / current / temperature measurement, remaining capacity estimation, over
current / voltage / temperature protection and other battery management operations.


    • Fully integrated battery management solution with battery capacity measurement and programmableprotection capability.
    • Supports up to 10 Li-ion or Li-Polymer battery cells in series. RAJ240090 supports 3 to 8 series cells, RAJ240100 supports 3 to 10 series cells.
    • Integrated with Renesas Ultra Low Power RL78 CPU core for multi-functionprocess
    • Memory
      Code flash memory: 128KB
      Data flashmemory (up to 100,000 erase/write cycles): 4 KB
      SRAM: 7KB
    • Clock generator
      High speed on-chip oscillator: upto 32 MHz
      Low speed on-chip oscillator:32 KHz
      AFE high speed on-chip oscillator: 4.194MHz
      AFE low speed on-chip oscillator: 131.072 KHz
    • General Purpose I/O Ports
      Total: 31 pins
      CMOS input/output: 20
      CMOS input: 4
      N-ch open drainInput/output [6V tolerance]: 4
      High voltage input/output[VCC tolerance]: 3
    • Serial interface
      CSI (SPI): 2 channels
      I2C: 1 channel
      UART: 2 channels
      Simplified I2C: 2 channels
      CAN interface (RS-CAN lite): 1 channel
    • Timer
      MCU 16-bit timer: 6channels
      MCU 12-bit interval timer: 1 channel
      MCU Real time clock: 1 channel
      AFE timer: 2 channels
      AFE timer A:setting range: 125 ms to 64 s
      AFE timer B:setting range:30.52 us to 125 ms
    • Embedded A/D converter
      AFE 15-bit resolution sigma-delta A/D converter
      MCU 8/10-bit resolution A/D converter
    • Battery cell voltage and temperature (AN port voltage) detection circuit
      Monitoring over/under voltage and temperature by Sigma-delta AD converter (AFE) without controlling from MCU
    • Current integration circuit
      18-bit resolution sigma-delta A/D converter
    • Impedance measurement circuit
      Simultaneous measurement of battery voltage and current
    • Over current detection circuit
      Short circuit current detection
      Charge overcurrent detection
      Discharge overcurrent detection
      Charge wakeup current detection
      Discharge wakeup current detection
    • Series regulator
      3.3V or 5.0V CREG2
      Over 100mA output current by external Nch MOSFET
    • Charge and Discharge MOSFET control
      High side Nch MOSFET drivecircuit embedded
      Programmable MOSFET control by 8-bit PWM
    • Support RTC function
      To connect External crystal resonator (32.768kHz)and generate internal clock.
    • Voltage and temperature condition
      Power supply voltage: VCC = 4.0 to 50V
      Operatingambient temperature: TA=-40 to +85℃
    • Package Information
      64 pin plastic mold LQFP
      ([Body] 10.0mm x 10.0mm,0.5 mm pitch)


 Block Diagram


Basic Information
Package Type
Pin Count
Supply voltage (V)
4.0 to 50
Family/ Series
Fuel Gauge IC (FGIC)
Li-ION battery Fuel gauge
Battery Management Unit
Battery fuel gauging
Target application
Industrial/Hi-power equipment
Battery Protection, Fuel gauging
Production Status
Mass Production