Automotive GreenPAK™ is a cost-effective non-volatile memory (NVM) configurable device that allows automotive designers to integrate many system functions into a single AEC-Q100 qualified IC. With GreenPAK, designers can quickly reduce system cost, component count and power consumption as well as supply chain and reliability issues.

Using the free GUI-based Go Configure Software Hub and the GreenPAK Development Kit, the process of designing custom circuits is free, quick and it requires no programming language. Renesas provides the GreenPAK Application notes library and the GreenPAK Cookbook featuring design examples as well as explanations of features and blocks within the Automotive GreenPAK IC.

Use Case: Voltage monitor & reset for infotainment

GreenPAK Use Case: Voltage monitor & reset for infotainment


  • PCB area saving: Combine multiple discrete ICs into one small package
  • Total BOM cost savings: By using fewer components
  • Small-scale custom AEC-Q100 IC without NRE
  • Short lead time: 18 weeks for MP
  • Easy to use, GUI design tool available

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