GreenPAK™ is a cost-effective non-volatile memory (NVM) programmable device that enables innovators to integrate many system functions while minimizing component count, board space, and power consumption. Using GreenPAK Designer Software and GreenPAK Development Kit, designers can create and program a custom circuit in minutes.

Customized Integration Enables Lower Cost

Differentiate your product at a lower cost with a typical GreenPAK implementation which integrates ten to thirty components into a tiny custom IC.

Longer Battery Life

Prolong battery life by removing discrete resistors in voltage dividers, pull ups, pull downs, etc., and replacing with low-power, integrated components. Further reduce power consumption using the sleep function.

Faster Design to Overcome Last Minute Design Issues

Develop and program devices in minutes at your desk. Quickly respond to changing design requirements and increase productivity at the design and prototype verification stages.


Application Description
Reset IC GreenPAK is an ideal solution for a fully customizable system reset IC. Since electronics containing complex, code-based Integrated Circuits (ICs) are prone to lock-ups, it can lead to degraded user experience, damaged components, safety concerns, and ultimately lower sales. Adding an additional layer of stability to systems is made easy with GreenPAK’s programmable digital and analog components in incredibly small packages. Since GreenPAK is entirely implemented in hardware, there is never any worry of lock-ups or missed events.
GPIO Expander With the new I2C block, GreenPAK 5 makes an ideal GPIO expander allowing you to add new features, logic, timing, and sensing to already highly integrated designs
Power Sequencer Implement custom power sequencer designs in an extremely small area, using minimal power and board space
Keypad Scanner Using a GreenPAK as a keypad scanner provides a flexible, reliable solution that won’t kill your power budget or your BOM cost
Level Shifter With GreenPAK, getting different voltage domains working together, efficiently and with the flexibility of programmable mixed-signal, is a snap with any of our Dual Supply part numbers

Eccentric Rotating Mass Motor Control

Adding vibration to your product is a great way to create a sensory rich user experience. The easiest method to accomplish this is to add a small eccentric rotating mass (ERM) motor. These motors use imbalanced weight attached to the shaft to create uneven centripetal force about the axis of the shaft.

Supercapacitor Interface IC

Supercapacitors are proliferating given their high energy density versus normal capacitors, low effective series resistance (ESR), and high durability compared to conventional batteries when it comes to repeated charging.
LCD Driver LCD’s common and segment signals are synchronized in time by the internal oscillator. The Common signals are generated using the DFF chain and require external resistors to output three voltage levels. Segment signals are generated by cycling through the I2C configurable ASM.