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Renesas has incorporated a broad range of IP into its microcontrollers (MCUs) and system on chip (SoC) products spans, including central processing unit (CPU) IP, communication interface IP, timer IP, memory IP, and analog IP. Renesas is offering customers access to the most highly sought assets from our high-performance, high-quality, silicon-proven IP portfolio.

IP licenses available now include CPU core (RX cores, SH cores, etc.), timer IP for motor applications, USB cores, and SRAM. More licenses will be offered moving forward in response to demand.


Overview of the Technology

What is IP

In general, IP is the abbreviation for intellectual property including patents, design and copyrights. Renesas’ IPs available for licensing are semiconductor design data. They can be embedded in user systems and products to achieve equivalent functionality and capabilities to Renesas products. When you use Renesas’ IPs, you don’t need to start from scratch, and you gain many advantages such as being able to concentrate resources on your original and key design and accelerate development.

Market Trends

There are many trends in the market and user needs are diverse.

  • “Fabless” and foundry companies are rising
  • In-house semiconductor developments are evident
  • FPGA cost has become reasonable and FPGAs are widely used
  • User systems are more complex and development, verification, and evaluation costs are higher
  • Full in-house production is becoming difficult because of its high R&D cost

Renesas provides IP solutions that are a new style of semiconductor solution for these diverse needs. You can accelerate development and realize high reliability in your designs by using Renesas’ silicon-proven IPs.

Advantages of Choosing Renesas IPs

High Reliability and Quality Through Renesas’ Vertical Integration

Renesas has many products for a wide range of applications and has wide experience and knowledge about semiconductor production. Renesas can provide design information and provide technical support to match various processes including implementation and testing.

Subsystems With Proven Interconnection

Renesas provides one-stop IP solutions based on proven IPs which Renesas has developed in house for a wide range of applications. You won’t need to connect and verify IP subsystems internally. You can use Renesas’ general IPs and concentrate resources on your original and key IPs.

For those who want to...

1. Develop custom chips

We provide packaged IP solutions. You can develop high quality custom chips in a short turnaround time.

2. Carry out advanced development using FPGA

You can carry out advanced development and system evaluation with software, without a device. You can even go to mass production with the FPGA.

3. Leverage existing software assets

If you already have existing software for a Renesas general-purpose device, you can use it for your own custom chip. This will ease your development schedule.

IP Solutions

Application examples

This section introduces examples of soft macro IPs which was implemented in FPGAs , as processor IP or interface IP.
You can evaluate the applications of processor IP and the communication of interface IP.

  • Soft macro IP can be implemented in FPGA.
  • Development tools of the processor IP program are common with Renesas’s Microcontroller and Microprocessor Products.
  • Developed software can be reused. (There are some exceptions depending on each IPs)
  • Renesas driver software can be provided. (Depends on IP products.)
  • Soft macro IP can be used for model-based development (MBD) environment.

Partner Application examples

Partners provide application examples using Renesas IP products.


Renesas IP license partners offer support, consulting, and outsourcing of specification definition, logic design, function verification, chip development, and software development. They are ready to help drive your success.


Support example of the customer Support category of the partner
Overall development and development using Renesas IP. Consulting
A design using the IP , logic design and the control correspondence of Fab. Design support
Development using FPGA and FPGA design and FPGA inspection and the FPGA mass production using the IP. FPGA support
About IP model to use in virtual environment or a model base development environment. Tool support
Custom LSI, SoC, ASIC development, LSI and ASIC turn key service, trial manufacture service, foundry service. Foundry support
Wanting to continue making use of software assets, outsourcing of software development, a software tool and a driver and middleware using the Renesas IP. Software support
Partner Support category
Advanced Design Technology CO.,LDT. Design support, FPGA support
AVALDATA Corporation FPGA support
Alchip Technologies, Limited Design support, Foundry support
ASiC Design Co., Ltd. Consulting, Design support
SH Consulting K.K. Consulting, Design support, FPGA support, Software support
NEC Platforms, Ltd. Consulting, Design support, FPGA support, Foundry support
COMAS Co.,Ltd. Tool support, Software support
SATORI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Design support, FPGA support, Foundry support
Sanei Hytechs Co., Ltd. Design support, FPGA support, Software support
SANWA KOKI Co., Ltd. Software support
CM Engineering Co., Ltd. Consulting, Design support, FPGA support
Shinko Shoji LSI Design Center Co.,Ltd. Design support, FPGA support, Software support, Tool support
JINZAI Solution Inc Consulting, Design support, Software support
D-CLUE Technologies Co.,Ltd. Consulting, Design support, FPGA support, Software support
TOPPAN PRINTING CO.,LTD Design support, Foundry support
Hitachi Solutions Technology,Ltd. Consulting, Design support, FPGA support, Software support
MACNICA, Inc. Altima Company Consulting, FPGA support
Logic Research Co., LTD. Consulting, Design support, FPGA support, Foundry support
The MathWorks, Inc. Tool support

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