Renesas provides IP products of H8, H8S and H8SX which are used by many customers for years.
IP has no concept of discontinuation. Together with customers' software and hardware intellectual property, IP products can be used continuously in the future in the most suitable devices, such as FPGA or ASIC.

  • H8, H8S, H8SX family CPUs (except H8/500 CPU) have compatibility on an object level.
  • 8-bit (H8/300), 16-bit (H8S), 32-bit (H8SX) IPs are lined up as IP products.
  • Please select H8S IP in place of H8/H8S 16-bit microcontroller products including H8/300H.
  • Please select H8/300 IP in place of H8 8-bit microcontroller products. If emulators (E10A-USB) are to be used, please select H8S IP.

About IPs, see here.

H8/300 pdf_icon_for_table.png   H8S pdf_icon_for_table.png   H8SX pdf_icon_for_table.png

H8/H8S/H8SX Compatibility

upward-compatible on an object level



CPUBit SizeGeneral
Control RegistersBasic
Minimum States
Of Instruction
H8SX32-bit16-bit×16PC, CCR, EXR, VBR, SBR, MAC87111
H8SH8S/260016-bitPC, CCR, EXR, MAC698
H8S/2000PC, CCR, EXR65
H8H8/300HPC, CCR622