The R2A20152 is an integrated circuit semiconductor of CMOS structure with 2 channels of built in D/A converters with output buffer operational amplifiers. It is the characteristic improvement version of M62332. The input interface is I²C Bus serial data method, and connects with a microcomputer with minimum wiring. It conforms FAST-MODE of I²C BUS Specifications. The output circuit is composed of buffer operational amplifier with sync and source drive capacity of 1. 0 mA or more, and it operates in the whole voltage range from VCC to ground.


  • Guarantee Differential nonlinearity error : +/-0.7LSB, Nonlinearity error : +/-1.0LSB
  • Digital data transfer format: I²C BUS serial data method (Corresponds to Fast mode: 400kHz)
  • Output buffer operational amplifier: It operates in the whole voltage range from VCC to ground.
  • High output current drive capacity: +/-1.0 mA over
  • Very small size SON-8 package

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