The HA5351 is a fast acquisition, wide bandwidth sample and hold amplifier, built with the Intersil HBC-10 BiCMOS process. This sample and hold amplifier offers a combination of desirable features; fast acquisition time (70ns to 0. 01% maximum), excellent DC precision and extremely low power dissipation, making it ideal for use in systems that sample multiple signals and require low power. The HA5351 is in an open loop configuration with fully differential inputs providing flexibility for user defined feedback. In unity gain the HA5351 is completely self-contained and requires no external components. The on-chip 15pF hold capacitor is completely isolated to minimizing droop rate and reducing sensitivity to pedestal error. The HA5351 is available in 8 lead SOIC package for minimizing board space and ease of layout.


  • Fast Acquisition to 0.01%: 70ns (Max)
  • Low Offset Error: ±2mV (Max)
  • Low Pedestal Error: ±10mV (Max)
  • Low Droop Rate: 2µV/µs (Max)
  • Wide Unity Gain Bandwidth: 40MHz
  • Low Power Dissipation: 220mW (Max)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (Hold Mode): -72dBc
  • (VIN = 5VP-P at 1MHz)
  • Fully Differential Inputs
  • On Chip Hold Capacitor
  • Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)




  • Synchronous Sampling
  • Wide Bandwidth A/D Conversion
  • Deglitching
  • Peak Detection
  • High Speed DC Restore


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