The ISL3x411DRZ-EVALZ boards are versatile standalone PCBs designed to evaluate the performance of the ISL36411 and ISL35411 11Gbps quad channel lane extenders.

The ISL36411DRZ-EVALZ evaluates the ISL36411 receive-side equalizer. Each of the four equalizing filters in the ISL36411 provide nine different levels (0 to 8) of adjustable loss compensation (or boost).

The ISL35411DRZ-EVALZ evaluates the ISL35411 de-emphasis redriver. Each channel on the device features an output driver capable of providing seven different levels (0 to 6) of adjustable output de-emphasis.


  • Connection to external 3.3V power supply
  • On-board voltage regulator that provides the 1.2V supply to the IC
  • On-board boost selection using provided jumpers (ISL36411DRZ-EVALZ)
  • On-board de-emphasis level adjustment using provided jumpers (ISL35411DRZ-EVALZ)
  • SMA connectors to access differential inputs and outputs


  • DisplayPort v1.3 active copper cable modules
  • QSFP active copper cable modules
  • InfiniBand (QDR)
  • 40G Ethernet (40GBase-CR4/SR4)
  • 100G Ethernet (100GBase-CR10/SR10)
  • High-speed active cable assemblies (ISL35411 only)
  • High-speed PCB traces

Documentation & Downloads

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User Guides & Manuals
ISL35411DRZ-EVALZ User Guide Manual PDF 839 KB
ISL36411DRZ-EVALZ Design Files Design File ZIP 677 KB
ISL35411DRZ-EVALZ Design Files Design File ZIP 682 KB