Stefan Ingenhaag
Senior Staff Engineer
Published: June 29, 2021

Before starting any journey to a new destination, a great first step is to buy an inspirational guidebook with basics about the region, some insights, route proposals, and many more exiting topics. For planning purposes, a guidebook is a great way to pave the route to make your own great experiences. 

The RA Family Beginner's Guide concept is similar to a guidebook. Our step-by-step guide takes you from the basics about the Flexible Software Package (FSP) and the RA toolchain to creating a project with the EK-RA6M4 evaluation kit from scratch. We describe the details of the Renesas RA family of 32-bit microcontrollers delivering the promise of a secure, connected and intelligent IoT. RA MCUs enable a wide variety of end-product designs and are the perfect base for a platform thanks to its great scalability and ease of use. The RA Family Beginner's Guide also serves as a reference guide for those already familiar with the RA Family. With the RA Family Beginner's Guide and the RA family of MCUs, you will find the perfect path to develop your next exciting product.

An Overview of the Guide

The first chapter introduces the Renesas RA family, including the MCU hardware, Flexible Software Package (FSP), and RA tools and kits.

The second and third chapters introduce you to the details of the FSP, with the vast functionality of each component like Board Support Package (BSP), HAL Drivers, Middleware, and RTOS. We also highlight the easy configuration of the FSP components and introduce the flexible API Syntax and usage.

Add new driver

Figure 1. Adding a new driver with only a few mouse clicks

Next, we guide you step-by-step through the setup of the Tool Chain (Chapter 4), usage of the e2 studio development environment (Chapter 5), and the different hardware evaluation kits (Chapter 6). After this you are ready to start with the Renesas EK-RA6M4 evaluation kit (Chapter 7), write your first “Hello World!” program (Chapter 8), include an RTOS (Chapter 9), and send data through USB using the FSP (Chapter 10).

We then add additional theory about Arm TrustZone and how to use it with the FSP (Chapter 11). In the final chapter, we give you a look into the Renesas RA Partner Ecosystem, example projects, and other training options and where to find more RA family documentation and material.

Project config

Figure 2. The Project Configurator lets you select easily between Flat, Secure, and Non-secure projects

Getting started is now even easier with the "Official Renesas RA Family Beginner's Guide."

Download your own copy of the RA Family Beginner's Guide and example projects now! Please note that the Guide is available in both English and Japanese.

Set your great path forward by using the RA family of MCUs in your next product.

RA Guide Cover_EN

Figure 3. The Official Renesas RA Family Beginner’s Guide


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