This reference design provides the wireless sensor network solution to make indoor environments comfortable and healthy when using an HVAC system. It monitors temperature/humidity/indoor air quality (IAQ) data from each sensor using Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy.

There is a customized free GUI that makes it easier to design, install and operate sensors that are located anywhere in a building. With this solution, development time and cost can be reduced.

System Benefits​:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy networking with the power-efficient RA4W1 microcontroller.
  • HS3001/HS3101 (with hydrophobic membrane to protect from dust and water) measures humidity and temperature.
  • ZMOD4410 measures IAQ.
  • The slave side monitors autonomously and sends out an alert, if necessary, eliminating the need for frequent inquiries to the master side.
  • Customers can develop HVAC control algorithms based on alerts from the slave side.
  • Wireless sensors are used to reduce the initial set-up cost.
  • Free GUI is provided that is suitable for demo, design, manufacturing, installation, and operation.




  • HVAC for buildings, industry or homes