The Wireless Smart Utility Network for Field Area Network (Wi-SUN FAN) profile is generally known as a wireless communication standard for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). It is gathering attention for use in other applications such as smart cities and smart grids. Currently, Wi-SUN FAN is used to remotely access infrastructure such as sensing, lighting and building automation by building a large-scale mesh network.

A unique property of mesh networks is their node-to-node routing function. Self-configuration by multi-hopping provides dynamic distribution of workloads especially when a few nodes fail. Adding nodes becomes easier even when hundreds of nodes are already deployed making Wi-SUN FAN an optimal solution for smart cities and smart grids.

Renesas' reference design for Wi-SUN router applications can scale from a simple low-cost node implementation to a high-performance sensing and automation solution. The reference design includes the protocol stack for Wi-SUN FAN to ease implementation and certification.

System Benefits​:

  • Two solutions with Wi-SUN FAN protocol stacks for free.
    • Low cost transceiver based on the RL78/G1H (16-bit MCU)
    • Low cost RL78/G1H transceiver + RX651 (32-bit MCU) for higher-performance applications
  • The high-performance reference design includes Renesas’ high-power RF amplifier, RF switch, DC/DC converter, power regulator, RF transceiver, and MCUs.
  • Faster time to market shortened by approximately 1 year.
  • Proven Wi-SUN FAN protocol stack eases certification.
  • RF subsystem can be replaced with high-power components to increase range and performance.



  • Smart cities
  • Smart grids
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Winning Combinations

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