The ISL6726 is a highly featured single-ended PWM controller intended for applications using the active clamp forward converter topology, the asymmetric half-bridge topology, and the standard forward topologies with synchronous rectification.


Hello, I'm Pengju Kong, and I'm now in APEC 2012 to demo our product, the ISL6726.

And here is our ISL6726EVAL1Z demo board. This IC is targeting the application for active clamp forward topology and also the asymmetric half-bridge topology; it can also be used in the forward converter with the synchronized rectifier. So if you take a close look at this board, the board is 48V input, 5V output, up to 200W applications. It can be used for telecom, datacom, and AC/DC isolated converter applications.

So on the front, you can see the transformer and on the back we have all the MOSFETs and our ISL6726; and, this controller has a lot of important features for the products. For example, it has maximum duty cycle limitation and it also has adaptive dead-time control; and, it also has peak thermo limit and provides average current limit which is a very important feature for you to achieve protection of the converter.

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