Renesas is the industry’s leading supplier of RapidIO and PCI Express Interconnect solutions, providing a broad portfolio of switches, bridges, IP and development platforms for defense, aerospace, video, imaging and wireless markets.

The Tsi721 is the Renesas solution for hardware based PCIe Gen 2 to RapidIO Gen 2 protocol conversion in a bridging device. The Tsi721 converts from PCIe to RapidIO and vice versa and provides full line rate bridging at 20 Gbaud. Using the Tsi721, designers can develop heterogeneous systems that leverage the peer-to-peer networking performance of RapidIO while at the same time using multiprocessor clusters that may only be PCIe enabled. Using the Tsi721, applications that require large amounts of data transferred efficiently without processor involvement can be executed using the full line rate block DMA+Messaging engines of the Tsi721.