Introduction to RX-Family Development Environments – Software

Available software packages include board-specific programs, peripheral function drivers, middleware and documents illustrating usage procedures to enable customers to get started with development work right away. Numerous sample code and documents are also available, illustrating application examples that make use of these packages as well as examples of device control.

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*Microsoft has announced the open sourcing of Azure RTOS. Azure RTOS will now be provided by the Eclipse Foundation as Eclipse ThreadX. Please check Microsoft Contributes Azure RTOS to Open Source for details.


Combinations of Various Types of Software Support the Development of User Programs

By using the e² studio or CS+ IDE, you can configure software for the RX Family as user-code templates in combination with the software modules listed below.
You can focus on the development of your applications instead of manually creating the OS, drivers, middleware, and board-dependent code.

- User-code templates

The main() function and realtime OS-specific task functions can be output as templates, to which you can also add new code for the user system. You can create the user system by simply customizing the templates.

- Configured realtime OS

You can import FreeRTOS from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure RTOS from Microsoft into a user program. FreeRTOS and Azure RTOS are realtime OSes that are suitable for systems that require Internet connection.

*Microsoft has announced the open sourcing of Azure RTOS. Azure RTOS will now be provided by the Eclipse Foundation as Eclipse ThreadX. Please check Microsoft Contributes Azure RTOS to Open Source for details.

- Configured peripheral drivers and middleware

Peripheral drivers and middleware are available for import into user programs. 
The peripheral drivers have been set up for the control of the peripheral modules of MCUs and include software for driving A/D converter, IIC, SPI, UART, timers, and PWM output.
The middleware has been set up for standards-based data processing such as file systems, encryption, and TCP/IP as well.

- Configured board-specific programs

You can also import board-dependent code for the pin-function settings of the MCU into user programs.


The e² studio or CS+ IDE automatically downloads the realtime OS, peripheral drivers, middleware, and board-dependent code from the repository on GitHub, which is used in handling the appropriate version control of the individual software modules.
An example of the steps to take in the IDE window to configure a user program in a short period of time is given below.

  1. Select the name of the board you are using.
  2. Select the software modules you wish to use.
  3. Set up the software modules.
  4. Download the software modules to the RX MCU and start debugging.

The e² studio and CS+ also offer a variety of features to assist in porting of user programs from evaluation boards to user-system boards. This will help you start evaluating the program on the user-system board immediately after initial evaluation.



Software Package

Two types of software packages that include peripheral drivers and middleware are available for the RX Family: the Code Generator and FIT software modules.
The Code Generator automatically generates drivers from simple parameter settings made through its GUI. FIT software modules, on the other hand, are part of a set of modules compliant with the Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) specifications and provided in the Renesas Driver Package. Integrating these FIT software modules is also easy.
The Code Generator and FIT software modules can be used via the Smart Configurator, which is included in each of the IDEs. The Code Generator and FIT software modules have different advantages, and you can also choose to use both of them for different aspects of a project.

Comparison of Usage of the Code Generator and FIT Software Modules

 Code GeneratorFIT software module
How to implement the code or modules in a projectThe Code Generator automatically generates code after you have made configuration settings through its GUI.The user embeds FIT software modules.
How to make the initial settings of registersEnter the required information through the GUI so that the Smart Configurator can automatically output code that includes the initial settings of registers.The Smart Configurator produces highly readable definition files (header files), the FIT software modules load those files and apply them to the registers of the device to be used.
How to use individual functionsCall the output functions (e.g. Start and Stop).Call the provided API functions.
Changing register values while the program is running-User program allow to change register values dynamically via arguments of the functions (e.g. for adjusting bit rates in serial communications or the frequencies of timers).
AdvantagesThe generated code is simple, compact, highly readable, and efficient in terms of low memory usage.
The generated code is customizable to suit the upper layers of user applications.
Shifting to another RX MCU is easy since the interfaces with user programs that the FIT software modules provide are common to all RX MCUs.
*You can switch to another RX MCU by simply replacing the FIT software modules, without having to modify the body of the user program.
Suitable types of systemFor use with facilities that can be applied with the use of the MCU alone, such as A/D converter and timer controlInvolving the integration of multiple software modules such as realtime OS and middleware
Developed by one person or a few peopleDeveloped by multiple people


Use Cases

Individual software modules can be combined with other software modules and boards to configure a desired type of user program.
For example, you can configure a variety of systems as shown below.

- Using a timer in the RX65N MCU on the RX65N Cloud Kit to cause the LED to blink at regular intervals (basic program for initial evaluation)

Actual system
Software configuration


- Using FreeRTOS or Azure RTOS on the RX65N Cloud Kit to cause the LED to blink at regular intervals (basic program for initial evaluation including a realtime OS)

Actual system
Software configuration

*Microsoft has announced the open sourcing of Azure RTOS. Azure RTOS will now be provided by the Eclipse Foundation as Eclipse ThreadX. Please check Microsoft Contributes Azure RTOS to Open Source for details.


- Uploading data detected by sensors on the RX65N Cloud Kit to AWS

Actual system
Software configuration


- Access to files in the SD card installed on the RX72N Envision Kit

Actual system
Software configuration


- Self-programming with data received through serial ports on the RX65N RSK

Actual system
Software configuration




RX Driver Package

The RX Driver Package (RDP) is a package of software modules based on the FIT specifications. This package employs the application program interfaces (APIs) that are common to all RX Family devices and will thus help you in efficiently utilizing software resources whenever you shift to using other RX MCUs.

RX Driver Package Software Platform Helps Speed Up Time to Market


The RX Driver Package is a software package for using such basic functions as initializing MCUs, programming flash memory by self-programming, timer control, UART communications, and A/D converter, and application functions such as USB and Ethernet transfer and control.
This package allows you to start using the peripheral functions of RX MCUs at once, and can shorten times taken in considering prototypes.
Applications which utilize Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) can be used for all RX-series products, and can reduce the cost of developing software as you expand your product development.

RX Driver Package 

Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) 
List of FIT Modules 



Driver / Middleware / OS

Generation DriverCode GeneratorSmart ConfiguratorThe Smart Configurator is a utility for combining software to meet your needs. It supports the following three functions related to the embedding of Renesas drivers in your systems: importing middleware of FIT modules, generating driver code and setting pins.
*The Peripheral Driver Generator supports code generation for RX210, RX220, RX63x, and RX62x series MCUs.
DriverOn-chip Flash MemoryM3S-DATFRXA block-type device driver for handling storage in the flash memory (data flash) embedded in RX MCU.
SD CardSD Card Driver for RX MCUsDevice driver for controlling an SD Card using SD Host Interface (SDHI) built-into the RX MCU.
e・MMCMultiMediaCard / eMMC Driver for RX FamilyThis device driver controls MultiMediaCards (MMCs) and Embedded MultiMediaCards (eMMCs) by using the dedicated interfaces which are embedded in various MCUs.
Serial MemoryI²C Serial EEPROM DriverA device driver for the RX Family I2C Bus Serial EEPROM R1EX24xxx Series, R1EV24xxx Series and HN58X24xxx Series.
SPI Serial EEPROM DriverA device driver for the RX Family SPI Bus Serial EEPROM R1EX25xxx Series and HN58X25xxx Series.
SPI/QSPI Serial Flash Memory, QSPI Serial Phase Change Memory DriverA device driver for the RX Family SPI/QSPI Bus Serial Flash Memory and QSPI Bus Serial Phase Change Memory.
MiddlewareSensorSensor SoftwareThis software controls Renesas sensor products and acquires measurement data. It consists of a sensor middleware layer and an I2C communication middleware layer.The combination of these two layers makes it possible to develop applied products easily and quickly using Renesas sensor products, without being aware of the type of MCU or the control method of the communication interface.
USBUSB DriverA device driver for USB transmission using the USB Interface built in RX MCU.
File SystemM3S-TFAT-TinyThe RX Family Open Source FAT File System.
Protocol StackBluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack for RX familyTo use the RX23W Bluetooth feature, a protocol stack conforming to the Bluetooth specification is required. Also, the Bluetooth-compliant profiles and mesh software enhance your Bluetooth product interoperability in a wide application area.
Sub-GHz/Wi-SUN Protocol Stack*Sub-GHz wireless communication solutions are implemented on the Renesas RX651 microcontroller + RAA604S00 set or on the RL78/G1H microcontroller and it realizes the wireless communication protocol of Wi-SUN profile based on the international standard IEEE802.15.4.
*This protocol stack is not compliant with the FIT specifications.
M3S-T4-TinyThis TCP/IP protocol stack for the RX Family is ultra-compact and efficient in terms of low memory usage. It also comes with a sample driver for the LAN controller. You can quickly confirm its operation with the Ethernet interface on the Renesas Starter Kit.
Security / CipherCrypto LibraryA crypto library for the RX Family (AES, RSA, DES, SHA). This high-level crypto library will help you develop a secure system.
Trusted Secure IP DriverThe Trusted Secure IP Driver for the RX Family of 32-bit MCUs enables you to quickly and safely control functions, such as AES (128- or 256-bit keys), AES-GCM, AES-CMAC, random number generation, management of AES keys, secure updating of firmware, and secure booting.
ImagingJPEG Encode and Decode, All-Software JPEG Software LibraryThe All-Software JPEG Software Library consists of a JPEG decoder (JPEG image decode library) and JPEG encoder (JPEG image encode library).
DSP / FFTDSP LibraryA software library implementing a numeric operation function used in digital signal processing with RX MCUs. Accelerates functions such as FFT and IIR filtering of input 32-bit integers.
Sound / VoiceM3S-S2-TinyA small memory type sound playback system. Its original algorithm expands sound in ADPCM mode compactly at high speed. The system can be used to add true sound output functionality to devices that previously only provided visual indications.
OSITRON OSRI600V4 Real-time OS for RX MCUsA real-time operating system (Real-time OS) conforming to the μITRON4.0 Specification, the predominant Real-time OS for embedded systems. Suited for an embedded system with real-time ability and multi-tasking functions.
RI600PX Real-time OS for RX MCUsIf you use a memory protection function, select RI600PX. Developed based on RI600V4 with added memory protection function. This OS can be used with RX MCUs which embed memory protection function (RX700, RX600 and RX200 series), assuring high system reliability.


Sample Code

Sample code for application examples using package software, middleware or driver, and device control examples.

See Sample Code


Software Products from Partners

A wide variety of software products from Renesas Partners is also available.

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