micro-ROS is an open source project to realize ROS 2, the second generation of ROS (Robot Operating System) on a microcontroller in various robot applications. By using a common framework, it enables interoperability with conventional robots, IoT sensors and devices.

micro-ROS Solutions Overview


RA micro-ROS Solution

Renesas is collaborating with eProsima, a leading provider of micro-ROS frameworks, to develop a ROS-based robot body controller based on RA6M5, which will simplify the design process by providing an optimal platform for micro-ROS implementation. The RA6M5/RA6T2-based micro-ROS project will also contribute to reducing the risk in the design of various applications, such as service robots for logistics and warehousing, security, agriculture, and healthcare.

For inquiries about the Renesas micro-ROS solution, please contact [email protected].

Key Features

  • Full professional integration of micro-ROS into the evaluation kit and e2 studio
  • Software and hardware building blocks that work out of the box with RA6M5/RA6T2 as a time to market solution
  • Comprehensive solution that provides an eclipse environment that covers the full development cycle

Winning Combination: ROS-Based Robot Body Controller

This system enables the control of multiple servos based on the Robot Operating System (ROS). ROS is a set of software libraries and tools, maintained by many companies as open source, that help designers build robot applications.

Learn more: ROS-Based Robot Body Controller




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e² studio
Eclipse-based Renesas integrated development environment (IDE). [Support MCU/MPU: RA, RE, RX, RL78, RH850, Renesas Synergy, RZ]
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
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