Various industrial equipment, such as screw-tightening machines and torque testers, need to control motor rotation while measuring torque. By inputting the torque measurement signal from the MCU equipped with a high-precision analog front end to the high-precision motor control solution for motors and performing feedback control, high-resolution torque control can be achieved with a simple configuration.

System Benefits:

  • High-precision torque measurement with the RX23E-A 32-bit MCU with its high-precision analog front end (AFE)
  • RX/RA T-series allows the combination of precision motor control and measurement in a simple configuration to realize high-resolution torque control
  • High-precision sensing is supported by low-noise, high-PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio), stable high-quality power supply




  • Screw tightening machine
  • Torque tester
  • Torque actuator

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4:3 ratio Sheet.333 Connector Line Sheet.40 Chassis Ground Sheet.42 Sheet.43 Resistor - Fixed Sheet.45 Chassis Ground Sheet.47 Sheet.48 Resistor - Fixed Sheet.323 Sheet.39 Chassis Ground Sheet.36 Sheet.37 Resistor - Fixed Sheet.90 System Control Board System Control Board System Control Board MCU 3 MCU MCU Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 JP232 JP232 JP232 Buck Convertor Buck Convertor Buck Convertor LDO 1 LDO LDO SCI SCI SCI 24bit ∆ΣADC 24-bit ∆ΣADC 24-bitΣADC LPF LPF LPF Torque Sensor Torque Sensor Torque Sensor LDO 2 LDO LDO Drive Actuator Drive Actuator Drive Actuator Motor Sheet.33 Sheet.34 M M Input Sheet.53 Sheet.54 Sheet.56 Sheet.57 Sheet.58 Sheet.59 Sheet.60 Sheet.61 Sheet.62 Sheet.63 Sheet.64 Sheet.65 Sheet.66 Sheet.67 Sheet.68 Sheet.71 Sheet.72 Sheet.73 Sheet.74 Sheet.76 Sheet.77 Sheet.78 Sheet.79 Sheet.80 Sheet.81 Sheet.82 Sheet.83 Sheet.84 Sheet.85 Sheet.86 Sheet.87 Sheet.88 Sheet.89 Sheet.92 Sheet.93 Sheet.97 Sheet.100 Sheet.101 Sheet.102 Sheet.103 Sheet.104 Connector 1.163 5.5V, <130mA 5.5V, <130mA 5.5V, <130mA RX26T:5V <80mA RX26T:5V <80mA RX26T:5V <80mA RA4T1:3.3V, <80mA RA4T1:3.3V, <80mA RA4T1:3.3V, <80mA 24V 24V 24V 5V, <50mA 5V, <50mA 5V, <50mA Torque Sensor Torque Sensor Torque Sensor Sheet.117 Sheet.118 3-Phase BLDC 3-Phase BLDC 3-Phase BLDC 2 2 2 2 Sheet.124 2 2 2 2 Sheet.127 2 2 2 2 Sheet.130 Sheet.235 MCU 1 MCU MCU SCI SCI SCI Sheet.236 MCU 2 MCU MCU SCI SCI SCI PWM PWM PWM SCI SCI SCI ADC ADC ADC Sheet.237 Smart Gate Driver Smart Gate Driver Smart Gate Driver Gate Driver Gate Driver Gate Driver Current Sensing Amp. Current Sensing Amp. Current Sensing Amp. LDO LDO LDO Op Amp Peripheral Op Amp Comparator Sheet.241 Sheet.242 Driver Sheet.244 Sheet.245 Sheet.246 MOSFET MOSFET Sheet.199 Sheet.200 Sheet.201 Sheet.202 Sheet.203 Sheet.204 Sheet.205 Sheet.206 Sheet.207 Sheet.208 Sheet.209 Sheet.210 Sheet.211 Connector.231 Connector.232 Connector.233 Sheet.215 Sheet.216 Sheet.217 Sheet.218 Sheet.219 Sheet.220 Sheet.221 Sheet.222 Sheet.223 Sheet.224 Sheet.225 Sheet.226 Sheet.227 Sheet.228 Connector.231 Connector.232 Connector.233 Sheet.232 Sheet.247 Sheet.248 Sheet.249 .250 MOSFET MOSFET Sheet.251 Sheet.252 Sheet.253 Sheet.254 Sheet.255 Sheet.256 Sheet.257 Sheet.258 Sheet.259 Sheet.260 Sheet.261 Sheet.262 Sheet.263 Connector.231 Connector.232 Connector.233 Sheet.267 Sheet.268 Sheet.269 Sheet.270 Sheet.271 Sheet.272 Sheet.273 Sheet.274 Sheet.275 Sheet.276 Sheet.277 Sheet.278 Sheet.279 Sheet.280 Connector.231 Connector.232 Connector.233 Sheet.284 Sheet.285 Sheet.286 Sheet.287 .288 MOSFET MOSFET Sheet.289 Sheet.290 Sheet.291 Sheet.292 Sheet.293 Sheet.294 Sheet.295 Sheet.296 Sheet.297 Sheet.298 Sheet.299 Sheet.300 Sheet.301 Connector.231 Connector.232 Connector.233 Sheet.305 Sheet.306 Sheet.307 Sheet.308 Sheet.309 Sheet.310 Sheet.311 Sheet.312 Sheet.313 Sheet.314 Sheet.315 Sheet.316 Sheet.317 Sheet.318 Connector.231 Connector.232 Connector.233 Sheet.322 Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.326 Connector Arrow.327 Connector Line.331 Sheet.332 Sheet.334
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