Heat pumps offer the most energy-efficient and green way to provide heating and cooling in many applications. They extract heat from a source (air, water, ground) to increase the temperature of water/air for domestic heating or sanitary hot water. Thanks to the energy transfer by the Carnot process (i.e. reversed fridge), heat pumps have an electric energy efficiency of up to 400%.

This solution combines the best-in-class motor control solution for heat transfer and optimized power consumption to increase efficiency even more. It also allows for the opportunity to add additional smart features for a value proposition as an end product by being used in conjunction with Smart Heat Pump Controller solution.

System Benefits:

  • Complete heat pump outdoor unit
  • Fully integrated, high-performance and cost-optimized dual motor control solution for precision compressor and fan RPM/torque control​ with optional AI/ML future enhancement (Reality AI)
  • Pressure sensor in heating/cooling refrigerant to optimize process
  • Variety of value optional added features, such as: 
    • Air quality sensor for O3/NO2, temperature and humidity
    • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and optional LTE-M/NB-IoT for IoT communication
  • External control unit can exchange parameters with heat pump via digital I/Os, CAN bus I/F, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Highly integrated power factor control (PFC) with high efficiency




  • Residential Heat Pumps