The swappable battery charging method is the future of electric vehicle (EV) battery charging. Battery charging station infrastructure development is a high investment affair; a small kiosk approach can be autonomous and easy to operate. In this approach, user wait time will be reduced drastically. Additional emergency DC charging is provided to the non-standard battery-operated vehicles.

System Benefits​:

  • Intuitive graphical and touch-based access to control the swapping using the RA6M1/RA6M3 microcontroller (MCU).
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) and Wi-Fi access to end users for mobile-based application control of swapping using the DA16600 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth (LE) combo module.
  • Charge metering using the RL78/I1C MCU for individual battery charging.
  • Modular charging approach with a 1KW AC/DC charge, described in the "1KW Off-Board Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger" solution.
  • CAN-based communication between devices to get battery health status and charging status.
  • QR code to be used for secured payment through the service provider, Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) to be used to provide information to the kiosk.
  • Auxiliary supply for the RA6Mx-based front end system using the iW1819 PWM controller.



  • Battery charging stations
  • Battery swapping stations
  • Electric vehicle battery management systems
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