Supply Chain

Supply Chain


Basic Policy

Our basic policy is to comply with the laws and regulations of each country in which we operate and to conduct procurement activities in the global markets for all necessary materials and services at an appropriate quality, price, and with delivery schedule based on fair business relationships. In order to tackle social issues such as the environment, human rights and labor, we strive to strengthen our supply chain to be sustainable and ethical to increase our customers’, business partners’, and our own corporate value.

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Promotion System

We established the Procurement Division as a global organization that promotes sustainable procurement activities, which reports directly to the CFO. In collaboration with the Business and Production Units, we are working towards optimal procurement activities and the promotion of sustainable, global procurement.

Mid-Term Target for the Supply Chain

In order to realize a sustainable supply chain, we establish a mid-term target as well as a yearly KPI for undertaking initiatives.

Mid-Term Target (2021 - 2024)

  1. Obtain a risk evaluation score* below Medium in all key suppliers
  2. Procure minerals only from RMI-certified smelters following the RMI certification process

    *risk evaluation by RBA-SAQ

Annual Targets

 Activity Items20232024
1Agreement to Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct
from key suppliers
2Obtain RBA SAQ responses from key suppliers100%82%100%
3Conduct conflict minerals survey in accordance
with RMI procedures

Educating Procurement Personnel

As part of promoting corporate ethics within the Procurement Division, we conduct various compliance education on topics such as the Renesas Code of Conduct as well for new employees and employees transferring into the team. We also conduct regular education and training for the most recent CSR issues, such as the environment, in order to penetrate and share information inside the team.

Promoting Sustainable Procurement through Fair and Equitable Transactions

In order to provide high-quality products and services to our customers, we believe it is important to promote sustainability throughout the supply chain, including taking into considerations the environmental, society, safety and security issues. Therefore, we have created the “Supply-Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook” (in Japanese and English) in 2013, which states specific activities and behaviors we would like the partners that make up our supply chain to comply with. We distributed this "Supply-Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook " to approximately 1,200 suppliers worldwide, promoting sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

This Supply-Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook is in compliance with the “Supply-Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook” established by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA). We ask all partners within the Renesas supply chain including secondary suppliers and beyond to follow Renesas’ approach to sustainable procurement and ethical values, and to promote activities from this common perspective.

In 2021, we have re-evaluated the contents of the Supply-Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook after joining the RBA and revised them as the "Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct", which is available in Japanese, English and Chinese, to promote sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.

We regularly review our purchasing practices towards suppliers to ensure alignment with Renesas’ Supplier Code of Conduct and to avoid potential conflicts with ESG requirements. In addition, we require new suppliers to agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct as one of the prerequisites for opening a new trading account with us.

We have received agreements and endorsement from many of our suppliers on the initiatives listed in the Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct. So far, we have received endorsement from all of our key suppliers (64 companies in total).

 Number of suppliers Number of agreed suppliers*Agreement rate
North America272281%
Asia Pacific514282%
Total 1,1311,08496%

*Suppliers who we have agreed to take on the initiatives stated in the Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct, or companies whose Code of Conduct meets or exceeds the standards of the Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct.

Initiative criteria which we ask partners to undertake initiatives based on the Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Freely chosen employment
  • Young workers
  • Working hours
  • Wages and benefits
  • Humane treatment
  • Non-discrimination/non-harassment
  • Freedom of association
  • Occupational safety
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Occupational injury and illness
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Physically demanding work
  • Machine safeguarding
  • Sanitation, food and housing
  • Health and safety communication
  • Environmental permits and reporting
  • Pollution prevention and resource reduction
  • Hazardous substances
  • Solid waste
  • Air emissions
  • Materials restrictions
  • Water management
  • Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Business integrity
  • No improper advantage
  • Disclosure of information
  • Intellectual property
  • Fair business, advertising and competition
  • Protection of identity and non-retaliation
  • Responsible sourcing of minerals
  • Privacy
  • Company commitment
  • Management accountability and responsibility
  • Legal and customer requirements
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Improvement objectives
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Worker feedback, participation and grievance
  • Audits and assessments
  • Corrective action process
  • Documentation and records
  • Supplier responsibility

picture_as_pdf Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct

Understanding Risks within the Supply Chain

At Renesas, we ask key suppliers selected based on 1) the transaction amount, 2) the replaceability and 3) the characteristics of the produced products to conduct self-tests and self-improvements using a self-diagnosis survey (note).

In addition, when starting procurement from new suppliers, we ask new suppliers to report on the actions they are taking towards the criteria listed in the Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct and to agree to undertake the necessary initiatives.

Furthermore, we use the risk assessment platform provided by RBA to investigate potential risks in all suppliers on a regular basis. If a supplier is classified as potentially high risk, we ask them to conduct self-tests and self-improvements using a self-diagnosis survey, similarly to key suppliers.

Note: From 2021, we use the RBA SAQ as the self-diagnosis survey.

Activity Results

In 2021, we distributed a simplified Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to all suppliers, following the revision of the Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct. 878 companies responded.

We have conducted SAQ for new suppliers since 2022 and received responses from 1,042 suppliers in total to date.

From 2021 to 2023, no high risks have been identified from the SAQ responses

 Simplified SAQOnsite audit*
Number of total participating suppliers87844120123029
Number of direct materials and outsourced
manufacturing suppliers (Included in the total)

*Total audits by Renesas or third parties (including online audits)

Examples of Improvement Guidance for Matters Pointed Out During the Audit

CaseImprovement Guidance
Free choice of employmentThere is no policy stating that employees are not forced to work.
Request to clearly state in the policy
→ Change made to our policy to respect international norms
“As we globalize our business activities, we not only comply with laws such as prohibition of child labor and forced labor, but also respect various international norms, cultures and customs including human rights in each country and region, and contribute to their development.”
Preparing for emergenciesThere is no evacuation direction or current location information in the evacuation route map. It is not in the orientation that is easy for the reader to understand when posted.Request for improvement of notation
→ Posted the corresponding evacuation route map on the left in each meeting room of the administration building.
Occupational accidents and illnessesFirst aid kit is not installed anywhere in the target building.First aid kit installation request
→ Installed first aid kits in three locations in the building
Elimination of discriminationNo consideration is given to religious customs, and there are no rules.Guidance on the need to make arrangements when situations arise in the future, such as customer visits
→ Considering to clearly indicate how we will handle those situations in work rules or regulations
Young workersThere are no rules that stipulate that young workers should not be allowed to engage in dangerous work or work overtime or late at night.Request to add items related to protection of young workers in labor regulations and others
→ Under consideration

Promotion of Green Procurement

Based on Environmental Policies, Renesas is contributing to realize a sustainable society by providing environmentally friendly products and solutions. To realize such a society, it is crucial to reduce the environmental impacts of the parts and materials used within the products. At Renesas, we promote “Green Procurement” where we preferentially procure environmentally conscious parts and materials from companies that are proactive in environmental conservation.

We ask all suppliers that provide parts and materials used as components of our products, suppliers that provide parts and materials used in our products, suppliers that provide parts and products used in the packaging of our products as well as suppliers that deliver our out-sourced products to comply with the Renesas Electronics Green Procurement Standards by clarifying the green procurement standards and stating the aims of the guideline which is to reduce the environmental impact of Renesas products.

Through compliance with Environmental RoHS Directives and conducting surveys of the substances contained in purchased products at Renesas, we are able to confirm that each supplier is making progress in environmental initiatives. In addition, for procuring raw materials used in products, we preferentially purchase from suppliers who actively promote environmental protection, whose products have less environmental impact and contain no hazardous substances. We also actively and preferentially select environmentally conscious products in the procurement of goods such as business goods and IT equipment, based on the information on the environmental impact of those goods. 

We require our suppliers, including the direct material suppliers, foundries, and OSAT, to obtain ISO 14001. 

Guidelines and Standards

Renesas Electronics Green Procurement Standard Ver.4PDF
Management of Chemical Substances List Revision: Ver.13.1XLS

Reference: Green Procurement Answer Format

Non-inclusion Guarantee for Chemical Substances Contained in Products and MaterialsWord
Investigation Sheet for Chemical Substances IncludedXLS
Data Sheet for Purchase UnitXLS
  • If we do not specify a form for the survey on chemical substances included, please answer in the free format.

Responsible Minerals Procurement Policy

In order not to contribute to human rights violation and the destruction of environment within the supply chain, Renesas is working to realize responsible mineral procurement with the aim of procuring materials that does not include conflict minerals, from OECD conflict-affected and high-risk areas, including DRC and adjoining countries, in relations to risks listed on the Annex II of OECD’s guidelines.

picture_as_pdf Responsible Minerals Procurement Policy

Initiative Framework

Step 1: Establishment of Management System

In 2021, we revised the “Supply-Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook” as the “Renesas Supplier Code of Conduct”, based on the RBA code of conduct, and we ask customers to comply with this code of conduct. In addition, internal departments within Renesas work together to establish a structure to identify and evaluate risks.

Step 2: Identifying and Evaluating Risks within the Supply Chain

We work to realize responsible mineral procurement throughout the supply chain by conducting investigations of suppliers to identify smelters using the industrial standard RMI process and disclosing the results to our customers.

Step 3: Establishing and Executing Strategies Against Identified Risks

As a result of investigation, if an uncertified smelter is identified in the supply chain, we ask suppliers to make revisions. In addition, depending on the improvement status, we review transactions and execute suspensions if necessary.

Step 4: Annual Updates on Initiatives

The initiatives undertaken are disclosed on our website on an annual basis.


Renesas targets to identify 100% of conflict minerals (3TG) contained in our Group's products and to confirm that they are refined at Conflict-free smelters certified by a third-party organization, Responsible Materials Initiative ("RMI").

3TG Results

Number of Identified Smelters23523021061323186
Number of Conformant Smelters23523021061323186

*Excluding ex-Celeno products

picture_as_pdf The list of smelters and refiners identified in the Renesas Group supply chain (as of 2023)

Cobalt and Mica Results

Number of Identified Smelters650620
Number of Conformant Smelters320440

In 2019, we started identifying smelters in our supply chain for cobalt as well as 3TG. In 2023, in response to customer requests, we began to timely disclose our upstream suppliers’ smelter information based on the RMI's "Cobalt and Mica Reporting Template (EMRT)."

Unlike 3TG, since there are currently no legal regulations regarding cobalt and mica, there is a risk that uncertified RMI smelters may be included in our supply chain. If an uncertified RMI smelter is identified, we will work with our suppliers to take appropriate actions and improve the situation.

Reporting of Investigation Results

Our initiatives related to conflict minerals are embedded into Renesas’ sustainability promotion structure, and the initiatives are regularly reported to the Renesas management team by the Sustainability Promotion Office.

library_books Renesas' Sustainability Promotion Structure

Participation in Initiatives

Renesas Joins the Responsible Business Alliance

Renesas has joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) (announced on April 19, 2021), a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 committed to supporting the rights and well-being of workers and communities worldwide affected by global supply chains. By joining the RBA, Renesas will fully support the vision and goals of the RBA to ensure that its manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible and that its workers are treated with respect and dignity.

Renesas Joins the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) "Responsible Mineral Procurement Study Group"

Renesas has joined "Responsible Mineral Procurement Study Group" established to realize responsible mineral procurement (April 2022). Renesas is a member of the RMI(Responsible Minerals Initiative), which promotes responsible mineral procurement worldwide. By participating in the "Responsible Minerals Procurement Study Group" in collaboration with RMI, Renesas will deepen cooperation with the industry and deal with conflict minerals issues such as the identification of refineries and refineries.

Renesas Joins the CDP Supply Chain Program


Renesas joined CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)'s CDP Supply Chain Program* in 2022. By utilizing this program, which requires disclosure of environmental risks and opportunities, we are strengthening our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions across the entire supply chain.

Renesas Recognized as a CDP 2023 Supplier Engagement Leader

In March 2024, we were awarded the highest rating in the CDP 2023 Supplier Engagement Rating (SER), which evaluates how effectively companies are working with their suppliers on climate change issues. This recognition was given to the top companies with the highest scores in four categories (Governance, Targets, Scope 3 Emissions and Value Chain Engagement) in CDP's climate change survey.

Renesas will continue to work with suppliers around the world to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain.

*CDP Supply Chain Program: A program provided by CDP that requires suppliers to disclose information on climate change, forest conservation, and securing water resources, and provides feedback on the results of their responses. It is a program that encourages continuous environmental improvement and strives to build a resilient supply chain.

CDP Supply Chain Program Briefing Session for Renesas Suppliers


On April 13, 2023, more than 100 suppliers participated in the “CDP Supply Chain Program briefing session” we online. On the day of the briefing, Renesas shared its ESG initiatives, and CDP provided an overview of its supply chain program. We provided guidance on responding to the questionnaire, and a technical Q&A session on initiatives to reduce GHG emissions.

At Renesas, we will continue to address environmental challenges of the entire supply chain through interactive communication with our suppliers.

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