Basic Policies

The Procurement purchasing division of Renesas Electronics procures a wide range of materials and services at competitive rates from markets around the world that meet our requirement of quality, and sustainability.

One of our goals is to ensure that our procurement activities add value to our business as well as the business of our customers and suppliers.

1. Provision of equal, competitive opportunities

  • Information on procurement is provided in an appropriate and timely fashion so as to provide equal, competitive opportunities to all companies, both domestic and overseas, who express an interest in working with us.

2. Evaluation and selection of suppliers in a fair manner

  • We follow a comprehensive supplier evaluation and selection process that places top most emphasis on sustainability and BCM, needless to mention the reliability of the prospective supplier's management, as well as commercials, quality standards, delivery schedules and advanced technical features of the products to be procured.

3. Development of mutual trust

  • We believe that close communications with our suppliers is extremely important for the development of mutual trust, which will become the foundation for building long term win-win business relationship.

4. Management and protection of information

  • We recognize the value of the information that we learn through our materials-related transactions and manage it accordingly.

5. Sustainability

  • We address social issues such as, preservation of the global environment, humane treatment, in collaboration with suppliers.

6. Continuity of business

  • We create viable BCM system with entire supply chain based on the importance of the continuity of business.
  • (Details) Suppliers’ BCM in the supply chain is very important to ensure our BCM system to continue business as usual when the risks such as natural disasters occur. Therefore, all key suppliers are required to present to us their business risk management plan for their offerings. Especially, the evaluation and the analysis of the risks, plan for countermeasure, method of recovery, business continuity through alternative supply methods are important elements. We evaluate suppliers’ BCM and its viability based on these. That constitutes a part of the supplier rating system.

7. Quality management

  • We purchase from suppliers having Quality Management System which can meet our procurement specification, with “zero defect”.
  • (Details) Suppliers’ Quality Management System in the supply chain is very important to sustain and improve the quality of our products. Therefore, all key suppliers are required to build the Quality Management System which can meet our procurement specification. It is important to establish a system which controls the quality of their offerings to maintain and help accelerate our approach towards “zero defect”. We evaluate suppliers’ Quality Management System and its execution status based on these. That constitutes a part of the supplier rating system.

Just and Fair Transactions

We have formulated the ‘Renesas Electronics CSR Charter’ as a guideline for promoting CSR activities and disclose our stance on CSR. Under this CSR Charter, as an enterprise, we promote organic activities to live together with various stakeholders in order to build a better future for the people around the world by supplying superior semiconductor products.

In the Renesas Electronics CSR Charter, we promise to " carry out fair, ethical and transparent business practices ". In addition, we make sure that our employees must comply with the "Prohibition of illegal entertaining and gift exchanging" as clearly stipulated in the "Renesas Electronics Group Code of Conduct".

Please understand and cooperate regarding the following requests in our business.


Prohibition and voluntarily refraining from activities stated below to our board members, employees, and related personnel

1. Prohibition of giving & receiving personal benefits

  • (e.g. personal discount of your products and services; payment of our travel expenses or accommodation expenses, which we must pay)

2. Prohibition of information providing and activities that lead to illegal conduct.

3. Voluntarily refraining from any kind of gifts

  • (including seasonal gift)

4. Voluntarily refraining from offering money or coupon

5. Voluntarily refraining from presents or souvenirs that deviates from sound business practices or that transgresses social norms

6. Voluntarily refraining from entertaining or golf with an amount and a frequency that deviates from sound business practices or that transgresses social norms

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