This is a kit for evaluating BLDC motor system using the RAJ306010 motor control IC. It consists of a board with RAJ306010 mounted, a small 24V motor, and a connecting cable.

RAJ306010 is initially equipped with a sample code for 120 degree conduction control using a Hall IC, and a basic evaluation of motor control can be performed simply by connecting a 24V DC power supply and the attached motor. In addition, it is possible to connect and evaluate a motor and MOSFET prepared by user.

BLDC motors have different control requirements than standard brush motors. Reference our BLDC Motor Control Algorithms page for additional information and guidelines.

Equipment Required:

  • Power Supply 24V/2A
  • Emulator E2, E2 Lite, E20, E1
  • USB mini-B type


  • Easy to start the motor control evaluation with RAJ306010
    • Reference firmware has already been written on the RAJ306010. By connecting the attached small motor to the board and supplying power, evaluation can be start immediately.
  • High expandability and operability by small board (about B6 size: 148 × 125 mm)
    • The board is small and easy to operate, but, since switches, potentiometers, LEDs and thermistors are mounted, their functions can be used by using the user program
  • Connectable to the external MOSFET board
    • By setting the switching pin, it is possible to select mounted MOSFET and external MOSFET.
  • Various sample codes for the basic motor drive
    • Sample code of basic control required for BLDC Motor control can be downloaded from the website
      • 120 degrees conducting control with hall IC
      • 120 degrees conducting speed control with hall IC
      • 120 degrees conducting control by Sensor-less drive
      • 120 degrees conducting control with hall IC
  • Desk Top Lab ICS tool support (ICS: PC tool for waveform display)
    • ICS is a tool for monitoring and changing global variables in operation from a PC
    • Refer to Desk Top Lab website for detail features and operation methods



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RAJ306000シリーズ ユーザーズマニュアルハードウェア編 English マニュアル-ハードウェア PDF 2.53 MB
RAJ306010 RSSK User's Manual マニュアル-開発ツール PDF 2.19 MB
エンコーダ利用ベクトル制御(RAJ306000 実装編) English アプリケーションノート PDF 1.57 MB
- エンコーダ利用ベクトル制御(RAJ306000 実装編) English サンプルコード ZIP 3.67 MB
センサレス120度通電制御(RAJ306000 実装編) (R18AN0036JJ0103) English アプリケーションノート PDF 1.49 MB
- センサレス120度通電制御(RAJ306000 実装編) English サンプルコード ZIP 3.60 MB
ホールIC利用120度通電速度制御(RAJ306000 実装編) (R18AN0038JJ0104) English アプリケーションノート PDF 1.53 MB
- ホールIC利用120度通電速度制御(RAJ306000 実装編) English サンプルコード ZIP 3.49 MB
ホールIC利用120度通電制御(RAJ306000 実装編) (R18AN0035JJ0109) English アプリケーションノート PDF 1.39 MB
- ホールIC利用120度通電制御(RAJ306000 実装編) English サンプルコード ZIP 3.26 MB
モータソリューション カタログ English, 简体中文 カタログ PDF 5.37 MB
RAJ306010 RSSK Board Bill-of-Materials (BOM) エンジニアリング PDF 155 KB
RAJ306010 RSSK Board Schematic Diagram 回路図 PDF 1.27 MB


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RAJ306010 RSSK Board Layout Diagram PCB設計ファイル PDF 1.75 MB