The DA14592 is a mid-range Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) SoC that offers the lowest power consumption and smallest solution footprint in its class. This SoC features multi-core processing (Arm® Cortex®-M33™, Arm Cortex-M0+) and includes on-chip memory (RAM/ROM/Flash) sized to support a broad range of applications while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Typical applications include connected medical devices, asset tracking, human interface devices, metering systems, PoS readers, and crowdsourced location (CSL) tracking. Notably, the DA14592 also includes a high-precision sigma-delta ADC, up to 32 GPIOs, and a QSPI for external memory (Flash or RAM) expansion, which is uncommon for this class of Bluetooth LE SoC.

The DA14592 maintains Renesas’ leadership in lowest radio power consumption by leveraging its new low-power mode, enabling a radio transmit current of only 2.3mA at 0dBm and a radio receive current of 1.2mA. Furthermore, it supports an ultra-low hibernation current of 90nA, which extends the shelf-life of end-products shipped with a connected battery. For products that require extensive application processing, it also boasts an ultra-low active current of 34µA/MHz.

The DA14592 typically requires only 6 external components, delivering best-in-class eBOM and offering the lowest solution cost and size. Its high accuracy on-chip RCX removes the need for an external, sleep mode crystal with most applications only requiring a 32MHz crystal. Package options include WLCSP (3.32mm x 2.48mm) and FCQFN (5.1mm x 4.3mm) offering an attractively small solution footprint. Additionally, it comes with a comprehensive suite of support tools, programming examples, Renesas' professionally staffed support forum, and industry-leading customer technical support.


  • Dual-core: Cortex-M33F at 64MHz as application core, Cortex-M0+ at 64MHz as configurable MAC
  • Receive sensitivity -97dBm, Transmit +6dBm
  • 96kB RAM (+16kB Cache), 256kB Flash, 288kB ROM (incl. stack), QSPI external Flash/RAM expansion
  • 8-ch, 15-bit Sigma-Delta ADC
  • Power consumption: RadioRx = 1.2mA, RadioTx = 2.3mA, Active = 34µA/MHz, Hibernation = 90nA
  • Only requires 6 external components
  • Package: WLCSP (3.32 x 2.48mm), FCQFN (5.1 x 4.3mm)
  • Security: Secure key storage, secure boot
  • Quad-decoder (active in hibernation)




  • Crowdsourced location tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Connected health
  • Human interface device
  • Activity tracker
  • Toys
  • Data logger
  • Point-of-Sale (PoS) reader
  • Metering
  • High-end voice remote control unit (RCU)
  • IoT end node


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Software & Tools

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SmartBond™ Development Tools
SmartSnippets™ Studio is a royalty-free software development platform for SmartBond™ devices.
Software Package Renesas
SmartBond™ Flash Programmer
The Renesas SmartBond™ Flash Programmer tool lets the user program a flash device for the DA1453x, DA14585/586, and DA1469x SoCs (System on Chip).
Software Package Renesas
e² studio
Eclipse-based Renesas integrated development environment (IDE). [Support MCU/MPU: RA, RE, RX, RL78, RH850, Renesas Synergy, RZ]
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Renesas Bluetooth® Low Energy Mobile Application Suite
Renesas’ comprehensive collection of Bluetooth® Low Energy mobile applications: SmartBond, SmartConfig, SmartConsole, SmartTags, and SUOTA
Software Package Renesas
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Software & Tools - Software ZIP 15.52 MB
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