Renesas offers a wide selection of PWM controllers designed for switch-mode DC/DC and AC/DC power supplies requiring an isolation transformer, such as off-line AC/DC and -48V telecom-input DC/DC converters. Included in this broad controllers and converters portfolio are single-ended and double-ended isolated PWM controllers, as well as zero voltage switching (ZVS) full bridge controllers.

Use the following table to identify which products will best meet the needs of your next isolated power project:

Topology Characteristic Flyback Forward (Two Switch) Active Clamp Forward Push-Pull Half-Bridge Full-Bridge ZVS Full Bridge (Telecom) Hard SW
Recommended Power Level <150W 120W~200W 120- 400W 100W~500W 150W~500W >400W >400W
Efficiency Least
~ 80-90%
~ 85-93%
~ 95%+
~ 95%+
~ 95%+
Recommended Devices ISL884x
ISL672x ISL6726 ISL6741 ISL674x ISL675x ISL674x
PFC Stage ISL673x
Cost Least Low Low Low Medium High High
Transfer Function = Vout/Vin (Ns/Np)*D/(1-D) (Ns/Np)*D (Ns/Np)*D 2*(Ns/Np)*D (Ns/Np)*D 2*(Ns/Np)*D 2*(Ns/Np)*D
High Input Voltage Good for bias supply Good for 2-switch forward Good Not recommended Good Good Good
Max. Duty Cycle < 100% < 50% (70% with active clamp) 70% < 50% each < 50% each < 50% each < 50% each

Family Values

  • Full family features AC/DC solution with the smallest package
  • Unique output current sensing scheme
  • Unique brick wall OCP protection feature
  • Unique full bridge zero voltage switching (ZVS) control scheme
  • Optimized/Adjustable dead time control


  • AC/DC power supply
  • Brick convertor
  • Power factor correction (PFC) board
  • AC/DC Adapter


Flyback & Forward Controllers

Current mode PWM controllers for flyback, forward and general switch mode power supplies

Half-Bridge & Hard-Switched Full Bridge Controllers

Power conversion using half-bridge, full bridge and push-pull configurations

Non-Isolated AC/DC Buck Converters

700V non-isolated AC/DC regulators with ultra-low standby power and low EMI

Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controllers

PFC controllers for AC/DC power systems up to 2kW and over the universal line input

Secondary-side ICs and RapidCharge Protocol ICs

65W+ chargers that are 30% or smaller than existing brick adapters

Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) Full Bridge Controllers

High-performance, low-pin-count alternative ZVS full bridge PWM controllers

Product Selector: AC/DC & Isolated DC/DC Converters

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