The ISL675x family of controllers consists of high-performance, low-pin-count alternative zero voltage switching (ZVS) full bridge pulse width modulating (PWM) controllers. These parts achieve ZVS operation by driving the upper bridge FETs at a fixed 50% duty cycle while the lower bridge FETS are trailing-edge modulated with adjustable resonant switching delays.

Family Values

  • Unique PWM ZVS control algorithm
  • Easy for true peak mode control
  • Easy for diode emulation and light load burst mode operation
  • Easy For SR control
  • Unique output current sense feature
  • Simple implementation for brick wall constant current limit
  • Simple implementation for current sharing control


  • ZVS full bridge converters
  • Telecom and datacom power
  • Wireless basestation power
  • File server power
  • Industrial power systems


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