Renesas' Intelligent Power Devices have built-in peripheral and protection functions, and support system reliability improvement and unit downsizing. The Intelligent Power Device lineup can support a variety of automotive system requirements and includes intelligent power switches, thermal FETs, MOSFET drivers, and a motor driver.

Renesas achieves on-resistance specs among the lowest in the world through the use of ultra-fine technology, such as our 0.25um ANL3 process employing the latest trench technology, and package technology utilizing a multi-bonding mount technology.


Automotive IGBT

High-performance bare die products

Automotive Power MOSFETs

Power MOSFETs for large and medium-current automotive electrical systems

Automotive Protected and Intelligent Power Devices

Switches for automotive body, lighting and heater applications

Automotive Thermal Shut Down Functioned MOSFETs

FETs for body, lighting, heater, powertrain, and 24V battery system applications


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