Intelligent Power Device (IPD)

IPDs incorporate on-chip a variety of peripheral and protection functions and provide an effective way to boost system reliability and compactness. Renesas' lineup includes the following products:

  • High-side drivers with on-chip load short protection function, self-diagnostic output function (including sense current output), and gate driver
  • Low-side drivers with on-chip overheating protection function
  • Thermal FETs with on-chip overheating protection function and package that is interchangeable with power MOSFET
  • Gate drivers with on-chip peripheral functions for motor applications

High Current Operation Series

High Current Operation Series

Robust & Safety Series

Second Generation IPD Products


Renesas offers an extensive lineup of Power MOSFET products covering a wide range of voltage and current ratings as well as different package types to enable customers to build various types of electric equipment to select the optimal device for their specific application. We also supply bare-die IGBT products that enable customers to achieve an ideal match with the modules they design.