Renesas offers a variety of easy-to-use boards for evaluation of MCU and MPU products targeted at kick starting your development project.

  • Starter Kits
    Starter kits offer a user-friendly development environment for evaluation, allowing you to start coding, debugging, and evaluating solutions immediately out of the box using the emulator and integrated development environment included in the kit.
  • Evaluation Kits
    Evaluation kits allow you to evaluate product performance or featured product functions for introductory use.
  • Development Kits
    Development Kits provide the resources to evaluate advanced features and functions, while reference kits target specific functions for a particular final product or application.
  • Demonstration Kits
    Demonstration kits are evaluation and demonstration tools for Renesas products with the goal of providing you with a powerful debug and demonstration platform targeted at common applications.
  • Reference Kits
    Reference kits can support you to evaluate specified functions for the particular final products/applications.

Boards & Kits List

Product ID Title Type Company
IO-Link-Master-Development-Kit IO-Link Master Development Kit Evaluation Renesas
RZ/A2M-EVKIT RZ/A2M Evaluation Kit Evaluation Renesas
RZ/A3UL-EVKIT RZ/A3UL Evaluation Board Kit Evaluation Renesas
RZ/Five-EVKIT Evaluation Board Kit for RZ/Five MPU Evaluation Renesas
RZ/G2L-EVKIT Evaluation Board Kit for RZ/G2L MPU Evaluation Renesas
RZ/G2LC-EVKIT Evaluation Board Kit for RZ/G2LC MPU Evaluation Renesas
RZ/G2UL-EVKIT Evaluation Board Kit for RZ/G2UL MPU Evaluation Renesas
RZ/G3S-EVKIT Evaluation Board Kit for RZ/G3S MPU Evaluation Renesas
RZ/V2H-EVK RZ/V2H Quad-core Vision AI MPU Evaluation Kit Evaluation Renesas
RZ/V2L-EVKIT SMARC SOM Evaluation Kit for RZ/V2L MPU with AI Accelerator Evaluation Renesas
RZ/V2M-EVKIT RZ/V2M Evaluation Board Kit Evaluation Renesas
RZ/V2MA-EVKIT RZ/V2MA Evaluation Board Kit Evaluation Renesas
SDK-PLC-EU-A-B SDK-PLC-EU-A or -B for CENELEC B Band Evaluation Renesas
US082-INTERPEVZ Interposer Board for Pmod™ Type 2A/3A to 6A (Renesas Quick-Connect IoT) Evaluation Renesas