The Avnet RZBoard V2L is a power-efficient, vision-AI accelerated development board, optimized for artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) applications. Its compact Raspberry Pi single-board computer form factor features a versatile set of expansion interfaces, facilitating the use of hardware accessories like HDMI or MIPI display, camera, and HAT/shield add-on boards, providing an ideal platform for software development and evaluation of the Renesas RZ/V2L multicore processor family.

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  • Low power Edge AI under 5W
  • 4 selectable neural networks
  • 17-point pose detection with high-resolution net (HRNet)
  • 17-point pose detection with HRNet, Tiny YOLOv2
  • Object classification ResNet50
  • Object classification with bounding boxes Tiny YOLOv2



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Design & Development

Lab on the Cloud

Lab on the Cloud

Use our PC-based GUI to instantly start configuring and testing designs in our virtual lab, no physical board needed.

The Avnet RZBoard V2L is a compact embedded system optimized for AI/ML or embedded vision applications. The user can run various image processing algorithms with this board.

This demo showcases a Vision AI solution using the RZ/V2L MPU and provides visual inspection using LEGO block to detect dents on target products in the production line.