Several industrial markets, especially retail scales, require a Wi-Fi 6/IEEE 802.11ax dual band 2.4GHz + 5GHz solution. This platform is enhanced with an M.2 Type E Wi-Fi board with PCIe. In this design, we show a combination of an RZ/G2M SMARC and a Wi-Fi 6 module on a carrier board.

System Benefits​:

  • Ready-to-use Wi-Fi 6 M.2 board with all needed components
  • 4x4 MIMO for Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ax, compatible with existing infrastructure in 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands
  • M.2 Type E form factor with a high-speed PCIe interface
  • Single 3.3V power supply; other power rails are generated on the module, with an additional 5V for the SMARC module




  • Retail scales with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Point of sale (POS) terminals
  • Digital signage
  • MPU-based solutions with Wi-Fi connectivity

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4:3 ratio Sheet.166 Sheet.77 Sheet.78 0V9 0V9 2.2Amax 0V9 2.2Amax Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 EU148 EU148 EU148 PCIe Slot PCIe Slot PCIe Slot EEPROM 2K x8 EEPROM 2kx8 EEPROM2kx8 Sheet.21 Sheet.22 Antenna Sheet.24 Sheet.25 Sheet.26 Sheet.27 Sheet.28 Sheet.29 Sheet.30 Sheet.31 Antenna Sheet.33 Sheet.34 Sheet.35 Sheet.36 Sheet.37 Sheet.38 Sheet.39 Sheet.40 Antenna Sheet.42 Sheet.43 Sheet.44 Sheet.45 Sheet.46 Sheet.47 Sheet.48 Sheet.49 Antenna Sheet.51 Sheet.52 Sheet.53 Sheet.54 Sheet.55 Sheet.56 5GHz Antenna 5GHz Antenna 5GHz Antenna Carrier Board Carrier Board Carrier Board SMARC Module SMARC Module SMARC Module Wi-Fi 6 PCIe Module Wi-Fi 6 PCIe Module Sheet.64 Sheet.65 Sheet.66 Sheet.70 Sheet.73 Sheet.81 Sheet.82 Connector 1.156 Sheet.84 Sheet.85 Connector 1.156.86 Vin Vin Vin Sheet.89 Connector 1.156.90 VDDQ33 (3.3V) VDDQ33 (3.3V) VDDQ33 (3.3V) PCIe PCIe PCIe 3V3 3V3 3V3 Sheet.101 1V8 1V8 850mAmax 1V8850mAmax 8 8 8 8 Sheet.111 M.2 type E PCIe I/F MPU MPU MPU MPU PCIe PCIe PCIe Reset Reset Reset Buck Buck Buck M.2 type E PCIe I/F.118 M.2 type E PCIe I/F M.2 type E PCIe I/F Sheet.71 EN EN EN RST_N RST_N RST_N VDD VDD VDD Sheet.122 Sheet.123 Antenna Sheet.125 Sheet.126 Sheet.127 Sheet.128 Sheet.129 Sheet.130 Sheet.131 Sheet.132 Antenna Sheet.134 Sheet.135 Sheet.136 Sheet.137 Sheet.138 Sheet.139 Sheet.140 Sheet.141 Antenna Sheet.143 Sheet.144 Sheet.145 Sheet.146 Sheet.147 Sheet.148 Sheet.149 Sheet.150 Antenna Sheet.152 Sheet.153 Sheet.154 Sheet.155 Sheet.156 Sheet.157 2.4GHz 2.4GHz Antenna 2.4GHz Antenna Connector Arrow 3V3 3V3 1.1Amax 3V31.1Amax Sheet.171 DC/DC Buck 1 DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck Enable Enable Enable Sheet.172 DC/DC Buck 1.169 DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck PowerGood PowerGood PowerGood Connector Arrow.173 Connector 1.156.174 Connector 1.177 Connector Arrow.179 0V9 must ramp up before 1V8 0V9 must ramp up before 1V8 0V9 must ramp up before 1V8 Connector Arrow.182 Wi-Fi Bluetooth 5 4x4 5GHZ Wi-Fi 6 PCIe Module 2.4+5GHz Wi-Fi 6 PCIe Module 2.4+5GHz Wi-Fi 6 PCIe Module 2.4+5GHz Wi-Fi Bluetooth 802.11ac Baseband Wi-Fi 802.11ax Baseband Wi-Fi 802.11ax Baseband Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx PCIe PCIe 3.0 PCIe 3.0 I2C I2C I2C Tx/Rx.159 Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx.160 Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx.161 Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx.162 Tx/Rx Tx/Rx Tx/Rx.164 Tx/Rx Tx/Rx
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