In this design, Renesas provides a stepping motor solution with resolver position control and an alternate BLDC motor solution. The stepping motor solution realizes a high-performance motor drive unit for office automation and industrial applications such as scanners, multi-function printers and automated cash deposit machines. While the BLDC motor solution realizes a high-performance motor drive unit for Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), small vehicle, service robot, and assisted bicycle applications.

System Benefits:​

  • Accelerate development by using the total solution including sample software.
  • Reduce BOM cost by replacing the optical encoder to resolver.
  • Stepping motor solution
    • Realize no step-out by servo control with resolver position information. Enable no step-out margin, maximizing motor torque, downsizing motor (1 size smaller), and reducing BOM cost by reducing the gear (speed reducer).
    • Realize low noise and low vibration by servo control with torque ripple reduction.
  • BLDC motor solution
    • Fine movement/stop control is realized by servo control using high-precision position information with the high-resolution resolver.
    • Suppresses rotation unevenness and reduces ripple that makes vibration by increasing the position resolution and improving the speed response.




  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV), small vehicles
  • Service robots
  • Office automation applications
  • Industrial applications