The iW676 digital synchronous rectifier can be used with several of Renesas' primary-side controllers to deliver the high efficiency needed for high power density, low BOM cost adapters for smartphones and media tablets, including RapidCharge™ and direct charge applications.

The iW676 uses proprietary digital adaptive turn-off control technology to replace the secondary-side parallel Schottky diodes with a MOSFET for high power density and lower cost. More efficient than the diodes it replaces, the iW676 is also more efficient than conventional synchronous rectifiers.

The iW676 is optimized for the lowest BOM cost in applications up to 12V and direct charging down to 3V. It also offers an option that incorporates Renesas' unique Active Voltage Positioning (AVP) control to enable ultra-fast Dynamic Load Response (DLR) and no-load power consumption of the entire travel adapter as low as 20mW, with no added pins or external components needed.

A DiaSIM™ simulation model is available for the iW676. For more information and where to download, please visit the DiaSIM page.


  • 25V Output
  • Optimized for Lowest BOM Cost in Applications up to 12V
  • Optimized for Direct Charging Applications Down to 3V
  • Wide VIN Pin Operating Voltage Up to 25V
  • Active Voltage Positioning (AVP) Control Option for:
    • Low No-Load Power Consumption of the Travel Adapter, as Low as 20mW
    • Ultra-Fast Dynamic Load Response
    • No Additional Pins or External Components Needed
  • Eliminates Parallel Schottky Diode
    • Higher Efficiency, Lower BOM Cost
  • Works with Renesas Primary-Side Controllers, Including: iW1781, iW1782, iW1780H, iW1602, iW1702, iW1797, iW1799
  • Small, SOT23 6-Pin Package





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