Detecting poor air quality is vital for protecting against harmful exposure. Air quality can be compromised due to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as well as tiny particulates in the air. This reference design utilizes sensors to detect air quality contaminants and send an alert to the cloud via Wi-Fi.

The HS3001 humidity sensor, ZMOD4410 gas sensor, Synergy S5D9 microcontroller, and high-performance power devices enable users to sense and monitor the environment through a mobile cloud connection.

Utilizing the Renesas AE-Cloud2 kit enables new customers and new applications in the IoT market. A product-level solution helps customers quickly prototype, evaluate and implement their designs. This kit helps break down the barriers to success thanks to the system-level reference design, which includes kit hardware, secure cloud connectivity and control through a dashboard.


  • Temperature, humidity and gas sensing via the HS3001 and ZMOD4410 sensors
  • Color LCD control via the Synergy S5D9
  • System-level solution with source code
  • Secure cloud connection through MQTT+TLS



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CN069-ABY Buck Regulator Buck Regulator Buck Regulator Battery Charger Battery Charger Battery Charger Formaldehyde PM 2.5 Module Formaldehyde PM 2.5 Module FormaldehydePM 2.5 Module Humidity & Temp Sensor Humidity & Temp Sensor Humidity &Temp Sensor Wi-Fi Module Wi-Fi Module Wi-Fi Module Right arrow bracket Down arrow Double arrow bracket Boost Converter Boost Converter BoostConverter Down arrow.78 Double arrow.37 Double arrow.37.84 Double arrow.85 Sheet.98 Right arrow.105 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V Right arrow.128 Line.23 Right arrow.36 TFT-LCD Block.120 Block.124 TFT-LCD TFT-LCD Sheet.145 Sheet.146 Sheet.147 Sheet.148 Right arrow.457 Battery Can.543 Sheet.608 Sheet.609 Sheet.610 Sheet.611 Sheet.612 Sheet.613 Sheet.614 Sheet.615 Sheet.616 Sheet.617 LiB LiB Gas Sensor Component block.631 Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Double arrow 1pt CN069-ABY CN069 CN069 New elements can be added by the customer through the Pmod option New elements can be added by the customer through the Pmod op... New elements can be added by the customer through the Pmod option USB Sheet.679 Sheet.680 Sheet.681 Sheet.682 Sheet.683 Wifi.128 Haptics Touch Sheet.704 Sheet.705 Sheet.706 Sheet.707 5V 5V 5V I/O I/O I/O MCU MCU MCU MCU Block.93 UART UART Block.94 LCD Controller LCDController Block.95 I2C/UART I2C/UART
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Quick-Connect IoT platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.
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