Announce Renesas’s full commitment to meet ISO/SAE 21434 for its automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) and system on chip (SoC) solutions effective with new developments from January 2022.

By Kazunari Matsuoka, Senior Manager -- 2022-05


By Bhushan Patel, Sr Staff Product Marketing Specialist -- 2022-05

This is a highly integrated, yet modular and flexible, charger cradle, supporting independent power rails to recharge TWS earbuds and hearing-aids.

By Michael Joehren, Solutions Architect -- 2022-05

The ability to sense air quality with low cost and miniature sensors has now been enabled with standards-based definitions from global governments and industry associations.

By Dave Simpson, Director of Marketing Industrial Sensing -- 2022-05


By Renesas PR -- 2022-05

Kim looks at the importance of security certifications and explains how embedded developers can be assured that the heart of their product’s security works correctly.

By Kimberly Dinsmore, Embedded Security Specialist -- 2022-05

AIを利用したジェスチャアプリケーション開発をサポートするQE for Capacitive Touchの実際の使い勝手や作成したジェスチャの認識精度を解説します。

By Hiroto Takagi, Sr Staff Software Engineer -- 2022-05


By Suad Jusuf, Senior Manager -- 2022-05

ISPの手動でのチューニングやパラメータ最適化に困っていませんか? RZ/V2Mの“Tuned ISP”はそんなあなたに最適な、開発期間の短縮のためにあなたが求めていた答えになります。

By Shinji Yamano, Principal Specialist -- 2022-05

2022年4月にリリースした、R-Car S4向けのマルチコアデバッグ&トレースツールについて、ご紹介します。

By 落合 和徳, 課長 -- 2022-05