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Chassis & Safety

Renesas' leading-edge solutions for driving,
turning, and stopping which are evolving
towards the realization of autonomous driving

An all-in-one answer for safety, security, sensing, and connectivity requirements: RH850/PL-C safety microcontrollers

Driving assistance systems are becoming more advanced and increasing in performance capabilities in recent years, moving towards the realization of autonomous driving. Coordinated control between these systems and other automotive electronic control units (ECUs) is critical. For chassis systems, the volume of information from sensors is increasing due to the need to coordinate with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Thus, high-speed communication functions as well as high information processing capabilities are needed. On the other hand, support for ASIL D, which is the highest safety requirement level under the ISO 26262 safety standard, is demanded in order to protect against new security threats such as vehicle hacking and to prevent system malfunction resulting in a fatal situation. Furthermore, there is a need to increase system redundancy in order to maintain operation even if a malfunction occurs, and with that a need for smaller ECUs. Renesas has added the RH850/P1L-C to the lineup of automotive microcontrollers targeting low-end applications, joining its predecessors the RH850/P1H-C and the RH850/P1M-C. Renesas' lineup of all-in-one safety microcontrollers supports platform development from high-end to low-end. Renesas also offers an automotive functional safety and security support program to support increasingly complex system development, a model-based development environment through collaboration with our partners, MCAL for AUTOSAR, reference boards for small motor control applications, and more to help speed up your development cycle.

Chassis and Safety Roadmap