The SmartBond™ DA14683 is one of the world's first single-chip solutions for smart home, industrial and wearable devices that meets the enhanced security standards. These highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) devices support Bluetooth® 5 and include a range of dedicated features to ensure cutting-edge security for both consumers and developers.

The DA14683 comes with enhanced security features such as key manipulation, secure booting (i.e. starting the system only if the Flash image is authenticated), a complete public/private hardware acceleration engine and a hardware true random number generator (TRNG).

As part of our SmartBond range, the SoC offers industry-leading performance from the lowest power consumption and smallest footprint. Its flexible architecture ensures plenty of processing capacity when you need it while saving power when you don't. It also allows the device to manage multi-sensor arrays and enables always-on sensing.

The device offers extensive memory capacity. The DA14683 supports unlimited external Flash for maximum design flexibility . And, the device allows users to benefit from Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

To further simplify development, our SmartSnippets™ software and versatile hardware development kits help users optimize their software for power consumption.


  • Enhanced security
  • IPv6 connectivity
  • Lowest system power
  • Lowest system BOM
  • Smallest system size


  • AQFN-60 (6.0mm x 6.0mm x 0.9mm)
  • WLCSP-53 (3.4mm x 3.0mm x 0.5mm)




  • Wearables
  • Smart home
  • Cloud connected applications
  • Industrial
  • Human interface devices
  • Virtual reality remotes
  • Banking


Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
SmartBond™ Development Tools
SmartSnippets™ Studio is a royalty-free software development platform for SmartBond™ devices.
Software Package Renesas
SmartBond™ Flash Programmer
The Renesas SmartBond™ Flash Programmer tool lets the user program a flash device for the DA1453x, DA14585/586, and DA1469x SoCs (System on Chip).
Software Package Renesas
Renesas Bluetooth® Low Energy Mobile Application Suite
Renesas’ comprehensive collection of Bluetooth® Low Energy mobile applications: SmartBond, SmartConfig, SmartConsole, SmartTags, and SUOTA
Software Package Renesas
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Software & Tools - Other ZIP 515 KB
Software & Tools - Other Log in to Download ZIP 177 KB
Software & Tools - Other Log in to Download ZIP 2.59 MB
Software & Tools - Software Log in to Download ZIP 434 KB
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