The ISL73148SEH is a radiation hardened, high-precision, 8-Channel 14-Bit 900/480ksps SAR analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with an integrated Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) that features an SNR of 83dBFS and dissipates only 90mW when operating from a 5V supply.

The product features 900kSPS throughput with no data latency and features excellent linearity and dynamic accuracy. The ISL73148SEH provides a high-speed SPI-compatible serial interface that supports logic ranging from 2.2V to 3.6V using a separate digital I/O supply pin. The integrated PGA has discrete gain steps of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 and is controlled by external pin configurations.

The ISL73148SEH provides a separate power-down pin that reduces power dissipation to 115µW. The analog input signal range is determined by an external reference.

The ISL73148SEH operates across the military temperature range from -55 °C to +125 °C and is available in a 14Ld hermetically sealed Ceramic Dual Flat-Pack (CDFP) package.


  • 900kSPS throughput rate with PGA bypass 480ksps with the PGA enable all with no data latency
  • Excellent linearity: ±0.5 LSB DNL, ±1.5 LSB INL
  • No missing codes
  • Low noise: 83dB SNR
  • 5V AVCC analog supply
  • Separate 2.2V to 3.6V digital I/O supply
  • Low power: 90mW at 900kSPS
    • AVCC = 5V, DVCC = 2.5V
  • Power-down mode with 115µW power consumption
  • High-speed SPI-compatible serial I/O
  • Full military temperature range operation
    • TA = -55 °C to +125 °C
  • Radiation acceptance testing
    • LDR (0.01rad(Si)/s): 75krad(Si)
  • SEE hardness (see SEE report for details)
    • No SEB/SEL LETTH (AVCC = 6.3V): 86MeV•cm2/mg
    • No SEFIs at LET 86MeV•cm2/mg
  • Qualified to Renesas Rad Hard QML-V Equivalent Screening and QCI flow (R34TB0001EU)
    • All screening and QCI is in accordance with MIL-PRF- 38535L Class-V




  • Precision signal processing in satellite payloads
  • Satellite telemetry systems
  • Satellite propulsion and orbit control
  • Attitude control of satellites
  • High-end industrial
  • Down-hole drilling


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ISL73148SEH Rad-Hard 14-bit SAR ADC Overview

Overview of the ISL73148 900KSPS, 8-Channel, SAR ADC with Integrated PGA. Highest performance rad-hard precision ADC for telemetry and sensing applications.