Renesas’s WattShare™ technology enables smartphones to wirelessly charge other mobile devices and accessories that also have wireless charging capabilities. WattShare wireless power ICs from Renesas uniquely combine receiver and transmitter capabilities, allowing smartphones, smartwatches, truly wireless earbuds, and other devices to be charged simply by placing them on top of a smartphone. This power sharing capability puts the smartphone at the center of a wireless charging ecosystem and provides consumers with a truly untethered smartphone experience.

WattShare enables smartphones to change the direction of power flow and deliver up to 7W of power to charge other devices, as well as to receive charges of 15W or higher. Several leading smartphone makers have already successfully created a wireless charging ecosystem allowing their customers to charge a friend’s phone or associated smartwatches, earbuds, and other devices including e-locks.

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IDT WattShare Demonstration - Using a Phone as a Wireless Power Transmitter

WattShare enables smart devices, such as smartphones, to charge wirelessly and then, to provide power wirelessly to accessory devices, such as smart watches and wearable devices, and earbud cases.

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